Business Directory

A Dedicated New Zealand Wine Business Directory

In 2017 we are building a dedicated business directory – a database of ALL New Zealand wine related businesses.

This directory will complement the pages on this website which currently lists website addresses only.

Unlike some other online directories and resources that list only Wineries and Vineyards, we will provide access to a huge range of NZ Wine related businesses.

  • Wineries & Vineyards PLUS Wine Industry and wine related business, Wine Education providers, Wine Employment agencies…
  • Marketing and Distribution companies, Product and Equipment suppliers, Wine Research, Wine and Viticultural Services and Advice…
  • Retail and Wholesale sales online, Wine Tourism across all regions, Wine Writers and reviewers and a range of other Wine Resources such as Clubs and Groups, Fruit Wine & Cider Makers and much more…

If your business is New Zealand Wine Specific then please fill in our listing form below to be part of this resource.


For any suggestions, changes or errors please contact john @ nzwinedirectory .co .nz