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New Zealand Wine Writers, Reviewers & Bloggers

Here is a selection of the best New Zealand wine writers, reviewers and bloggers, some who have their own websites – If I have missed you or your details need updating, please contact me so I can add a link to your online presence.

Wine Writers of New Zealand

Wine Writers of New Zealand has been established to encourage excellence and integrity in wine writing in New Zealand and provide a platform for the exchange of information. This newly formed organization is open to authors, broadcasters, journalists, and lecturers professionally engaged in communicating about wine in the country.


Cameron Douglas MS –
Charmain Smith –
Emma Jenkins –
Jane Skilton MW –
Jo Burzynska –
Joelle Thomson –
John Hawkesby –
John Saker –
Jules van Cruysen –
Michael Cooper –
Neil Hodgson –
Phil Parker –
Rebecca Gibb MW –
Yvonne Lorkin –

Other Writers’ / Bloggers’

Annabelle Latz –
Belinda Jackson –
Bob Campbell MW –
Caro Jensen – Sip NZ Wine –
Elissa Jordan –
Gary Bowering –
Gavin Hubble – 
Geoff Kelly Wine Reviews –
John Bartlett (JB)
Karl du Fresne –
Mac Macpherson –
Mary-Therese Kinsella –
Nic Olsen –
Paul Tudor MW –
Paul White –
Peter Saunders –
Raymond Chan –
Ruby Andrew –
Sam Kim –
Shaughn Jenkins –
Sophie Parker –
Sue Courtney –
The Real Review –
Tony Bish’s Blog –
Vic Williams –
Winefront –