Central Otago

Central Otago is New Zealand’s highest and the world’s most southerly wine region situated at latitude 45º south. Ringed by mountains and interlaced with lakes and deep river gorges, this is New Zealand’s most spectacular vineyard setting.

The inland mountainous location provides a semi-continental climate with very cold winters, hot summers, cool night time temperatures and very low rainfall. This unique climate combined with the mostly glacially derived soils, with rich deposits of mica and schist, is ideally suited to Pinot Noir (80% of the plantings), producing expressive and elegant wines.

The region also successfully produces a variety of white wines including Riesling, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. The wines of Central Otago have a purity, intensity and vibrancy reflective of the region’s terroir and pure mountain air.

The main grape varieties are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Sparkling Wines.

Source: New Zealand Winegrowers – nzwine.com

Wineries and Vineyards of Central Otago

36 Bottles – http://www.36bottles.co.nz/
Aitken’s Folly – https://aitkensfolly.com/
Akarua – http://www.akarua.co.nz/
Akitu – http://www.akitu.co.nz/
Alexandra Wine Company – http://www.alexwine.co.nz/
Amisfield Wine Company – http://www.amisfield.co.nz/
Aravin Estate – http://www.aravin.co.nz/
Archangel Wines – http://www.archangelwines.co.nz
Arrow River Wines – http://arrowriverwines.co.nz/
Ata Mara – http://www.atamara.com/
Auburn Wines – http://www.auburnwines.com/
Aurora Vineyard – http://www.auroravineyard.com/
Aurum Wines – http://www.aurumwines.co.nz/
Awawhiti Wines – http://www.awawhitiwines.com.au/
Bald Hills Wines – http://www.baldhills.co.nz
Bannock Brae Estate – http://www.bannockbrae.co.nz/
Barrel Fence Cellars – http://www.barrelfencecellars.com/
Barrington Wine – http://www.barringtonwine.co.nz/
Black Grape Society – http://www.blackgrapesociety.com/
Black Peak Wines – http://www.blackpeakwines.co.nz/
Black Quail Estate – http://www.blackquail.co.nz/
Black Ridge – http://www.blackridge.co.nz/
Brennan Wines – http://www.brennanwines.com/
Burn Cottage Vineyard – http://www.burncottage.com/
Carrick Estate – http://www.carrick.co.nz/
Ceres Wines – http://www.cereswines.co.nz/
Charcoal Gully Estate – http://www.charcoalgully.co.nz/
Chard Farm – http://www.chardfarm.co.nz/
Charteris Wines – http://www.charteriswines.com/
Cherry Block Wines – https://www.cherryblock.co.nz/
Clyde Village Wines – http://www.clydevillage.co.nz/
Coal Pit Vineyard – http://www.coalpitwine.com/
Como Villa – http://comovilla.co.nz/
Cornish Point – http://www.feltonroad.com/
DC / Tannacrieff Wines – https://www.tannacrieff.co.nz/
Desert Heart – http://www.desertheart.co.nz/
Doctors Flat Vineyard – http://www.doctorsflat.co.nz/
Domain Road Vineyard –  http://www.domainroad.co.nz/
Domain Thomson – http://www.domainethomsonwines.com/
Domaine Jaquiery – http://www.domainejaquiery.co.nz/
Domaine Rewa – http://www.domainerewa.com/
Drumsara Wines – http://www.drumsara.com/
Dunstan Road Wines – http://www.dunstanroadwines.co.nz/
Eight Ranges Wines – https://eightranges.co.nz/
Ellero Wine – http://www.ellerowine.com
Eon of Bendigo – http://www.eonwines.co.nz/
Felton Road Wines – http://www.feltonroad.com/
Folding Hill – http://www.foldinghill.co.nz/
Free Fall Wines – http://www.freefallwines.com/
Gate 20 Two – http://www.gate20two.co.nz
George Town Vineyard – http://www.georgetownvineyard.co.nz/
Gibbston Highgate Estate – http://www.gibbstonhighgate.co.nz/
Gibbston Valley Wines – https://gibbstonvalley.com
Grasshopper Rock – http://www.grasshopperrock.co.nz/
Grey Ridge – http://greyridge.co.nz/
Hawkdun Rise – http://www.vineyardstay.co.nz/
Hawkshead Wine – http://www.hawksheadwine.com/
Hinton Estate – http://www.hinton.co.nz/
Immigrant’s Vineyard / Ruru Wines – https://www.immigrantsvineyard.co.nz/
Judge Rock – http://www.judgerock.co.nz/
Kalex Wines – http://www.kalexwines.com/
Kingsmill Wines – http://www.kingsmillwines.co.nz/
Lamont Wines – http://www.lamontwines.com/
Leaning Rock Vineyard – http://www.leaningrock.co.nz/
Lindis River Wines – http://www.lindisriver.co.nz/
Lismore Wines – http://www.lismorewines.co.nz/
Locharburn Wines – http://www.locharburnwines.co.nz/
Lowburn Ferry – http://www.lowburnferry.co.nz/
Maori Point Vineyards – http://www.maoripoint.co.nz/
Madam Sass Wines – http://www.madamsass.co.nz/
Matt Connell Wines – https://mattconnellwines.com/
Maude Wines – http://www.maudewines.com/
McArthur Ridge – http://www.mcarthurridgewines.co.nz/
Minaret Peaks – http://deepandmeaningful.co.nz
Misha’s Vineyard – http://www.mishasvineyard.com/
Mitre Rocks Wines – http://www.mitrerocks.co.nz/
Moko Hills – https://www.facebook.com/mokohills/
Mondillo Vineyards – http://www.mondillo.com/
Mount Dottrell Wines – http://www.mitrerocks.co.nz/mtdottrelwines/
Mount Edward – http://www.mountedward.co.nz/
Mount Maude – http://www.maudewines.com/
Mount Michael Wines – http://www.mountmichaelwines.com
Mount Rosa – http://www.mtrosa.co.nz/
Mt Difficulty Wines – http://www.mtdifficulty.nz/
Nanny Goat Vineyard – http://www.nannygoatvineyard.co.nz/
Nevis Bluff – http://www.nevisbluff.co.nz/
Nockie’s Palette – https://www.nockiespalette.com/
Northburn Station – http://www.northburn.co.nz/
Omeo Vineyard – http://omeovineyard.com/wines
Packspur – http://www.packspur.co.nz/
Peregrine Wines – http://www.peregrinewines.co.nz/
Perseverance Estate – http://www.perseverance.co.nz/
Pisa Range Estate – http://www.pisarangeestate.co.nz/
Point Bush Estates – http://www.pointbush.co.nz/
Prophets Rock Vineyard – http://www.prophetsrock.co.nz/
Providore Wines – https://providorewines.com/
Quartz Reef – http://www.quartzreef.co.nz/
Quest Farm – http://www.questfarm.co.nz/
Rabbit Ranch – http://www.rabbitranch.co.nz/
Remarkable Wines – http://www.remarkablewines.co.nz
Richardson Wines – http://www.richardsonwines.co.nz/
Rippon Vineyard – http://www.rippon.co.nz/
Rock ‘n’ Pillar – http://www.southernwines.co.nz/rock-n-pillar
Rockburn Wines – http://www.rockburn.co.nz/
Schist Hills – http://www.schisthills.co.nz/
Serendipity Vineyard – http://www.serendipityvineyard.co.nz/
Shaky Bridge Wines – http://www.shakybridge.co.nz/
South River Vineyard – https://southriver.co.nz/
Surveyor Thomson – http://www.surveyorthomson.co.nz/
Swallows Crossing – http://www.swallowscrossing.co.nz/
Tarras Vineyards – http://www.tarrasvineyards.com/
Te Amo Wines – https://www.facebook.com/TeAmoWines/
Te Kano Estate – http://www.tekanoestate.com/
Terra Sancta – http://terrasancta.co.nz/
The Aurora Vineyard – http://www.auroravineyard.com/
The Wine House and Kitchen – http://www.winehouse.co.nz/
Three Miners Vineyard – http://www.threeminers.com/
Thyme Hill – http://www.thymehill.co.nz/
Torr Estate – http://www.torr.co.nz
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Two Degrees – http://www.twodegrees.co.nz/
Two Paddocks – http://www.twopaddocks.com/
Two Sisters Vineyard – http://www.twosisters.co.nz/
Urbn Vino – http://www.urbnvino.nz/
Valli Vineyards – http://www.valliwine.com/
van Asch Wines – http://www.vanaschwines.com/
Vela Wines – http://www.velawines.com/
Vinpro – http://www.vinpro.co.nz/
Waitiri Creek – http://www.waitiricreek.co.nz
Weaver Estate Wines – http://weaverwines.co.nz/
Weston Winery – http://www.westonwinery.50webs.com/
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