The Waipara Valley is situated only 40 minutes drive north of Christchurch International Airport and Christchurch city, the capital of the South Island. It is the fastest growing wine region in New Zealand, with around 80 vineyards in the Waipara valley covering more than 1,200 hectares of plantings.

The Waipara Valley is snuggled in the lee of the Teviotdale hills that provide protection from cool easterly winds but leave it open to warming north west winds. The valley has three general sites – valley floor, hill slopes or river terraces. The soil types include gravely deposits on flats and terraces in the central and west of the valley, limestone derived clays on hillsides and valley floor to the eastern side and gravely loams over alluvial subsoil in the southern part of the region. The north facing moderately sloping terrain provides an ideal sun trap for fruiting vines.

This terroir gives each vineyard unique characters that contribute to a range of wine styles.  It takes a visit to each winery to fully appreciate Waipara. The “terroir” combined with the long, hot autumn period helps produce unique richer, spicier Pinot Noirs and Rieslings – regional specialties. Other varieties of note include Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Source: New Zealand Winegrowers – nzwine.com

Wineries and Vineyards of the Waipara Valley

Alan McCorkindale – http://www.alanmccorkindale.com/

Angela Stone Wine – http://angelastone.co.nz/angela-stone-wine/

Ataahua Wines – http://www.ataahuawine.co.nz/

Bascand Estate – http://www.waiparasprings.co.nz/wines/bascand

Bellbird Spring – http://www.bellbirdspring.co.nz/

Bishops Head Wines – http://www.bishopshead.co.nz/

Black Estate – http://blackestate.co.nz/

Dallington Downs – http://www.dallingtondowns.com/

Dancing Water – http://www.dancingwater.co.nz/

Darnley Corner – http://darnleycorner.nz/

Dunnolly Estates – http://www.dunnolly.co.nz

Erewhon Wine – http://www.erewhonwine.com/

Fancrest Estate Limited – http://www.fancrest.com/

Fiddlers Green Wines – http://www.fiddlersgreen.co.nz/

Georges Road Wines – http://www.georgesroadwines.co.nz/

Glasnevin Wines – http://www.glasnevinwines.co.nz/

Glenmark Vicarage Wines – http://www.glenmarkvicarage.co.nz/

Greystone Wines – http://www.greystonewines.co.nz/

House of Ball – http://houseofball.co.nz/

Main Divide – http://www.maindivide.com/

Mon Cheval Wines – http://www.monchevalwines.co.nz/

Mount Brown – http://www.mountbrown.co.nz/

Mountford Estate – http://mountfordvineyard.co.nz/

Muddy Water – http://www.muddywater.co.nz

Mudhouse Wines – http://www.mudhouse.co.nz/

Northern Arch Wines – http://www.waiparawine.co.nz/

Northfield Wines – http://www.northfieldwines.com/

Pegasus Bay – http://www.pegasusbay.com/

Sherwood Estate – http://www.sherwood.co.nz/

Sliver Wing Wines – http://www.silverwingwines.co.nz/

Stephenson Estate – http://www.stephensonestate.co.nz/

Terrace Edge – http://www.terraceedge.co.nz/

The Boneline – http://theboneline.co.nz/

The Crater Rim – http://www.craterrim.co.nz/

The Mudhouse Winery & Cafe – http://www.mudhousewineryandcafe.co.nz/

Torlesse Wines – http://www.torlesse.co.nz/

Tongue in Groove – http://tongueingroove.co.nz/

Waipara Downs – http://www.waiparawine.co.nz

Waipara Hills – http://www.waiparahills.co.nz/

Waipara River Estate – http://www.waiparariver.com

Waipara Springs – http://www.waiparasprings.co.nz

Waipara West – http://www.waiparawest.com/