Organic Winery 27seconds Launches in North Canterbury to Support Survivors of Slavery

Every 27seconds, somewhere in the world, a vulnerable person is trafficked or sold into slavery.

Most of us would like to change this. But knowing where to start is overwhelming. We can help, because every time you buy 27seconds wine, you become part of a solution in a small way. How? Because with each bottle sold, 100% of the profits are given away to help survivors of slavery. It’s a small response to a big issue, but choose it, and together we become part of the answer.

North Canterbury winery with a mission, 27seconds has been open for business since 2nd November. Pete and Alanna Chapman, a winemaker and a marketer for a NGO, combined their passion and talents to create this vehicle for change. 100% of the proceeds from 27seconds go towards ending modern day slavery.

Pete and Alanna

Pete and Alanna

The concept came about after a life-changing trip to India. Alanna and Pete were visiting friends who worked in the country’s largest red light district, Songachi, Kolkata; they met and heard the stories of young girls and women who had been trafficked or sold into prostitution.

“We left India acutely aware of our privilege and eager to help those who don’t have the same choices we have. The numbers are startling, The Global Slavery Index estimates that there are 45.8 million in slavery today.” says Alanna.

27seconds had a great opportunity to partner with their North Canterbury neighbours and award winning wineries, Terrace Edge and Greystone Wines. They both support the cause with materials, produce and knowledge to ensure the wines are of the utmost quality.

Terrace Edge supplies the organic grapes and Greystone processes them into Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Pinot Noir with great results: all four wines have been reviewed by Wine Orbit’s, Sam Kim and came back with either 4.5 or 5 stars.

Greystone winemaker, Dom Maxwell explains why his team is proud to support 27seconds: “Next to providing some incredibly important funding to help the victims of modern day slavery, it will help educate New Zealanders about this issue and give it much needed attention.”

All profits go towards 27seconds’ giving partner, Hagar, which provides trauma care, education, and economic empowerment to survivors of slavery: for instance buying two bottles of wine provides one month of intensive counseling to slavery survivors.

We’d love you all to get on board and support Pete and Alanna, Terrace Edge and Greystone Wines and all those that this funding supports.

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The NZ Wine Directory is very happy & excited to support 27seconds and their mission by providing a year’s free wine partnership, promoting this worthy cause.

We hope you will support 27seconds too!

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