A Seat at the Table

France makes the most desired, revered and expensive wines in the world. Or do they? Rare bottles of French fine wine sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you want to make great wine, as a winemaker anywhere in the world you hold up France as the benchmark.

For centuries, the monks of Burgundy and Champagne and the great families of Bordeaux dedicated their lives to understanding the land, the process and what to plant where and why. There’s no way to short-cut hundreds of years of hard work into a few decades. Or is there?

A Seat at the Table is a coming of age story about New Zealand finding its place in the world of wine, and its ambition to make some of the best wines in the world. As the youngest country in the world and the last to be populated, New Zealand is in the enviable position to learn from everyone else’s mistakes.

A Seat at the Table explores all the factors that build a world class wine region from day one, to taking on your heroes toe-to-toe, and winning. Story-lines from critical blind tastings to climate change, generational succession planning and cultural stigma all intertwine to create a fascinating link between two countries, creating the same end product that in many ways are so similar and yet world’s apart.

In a revealing line up of interviews, we come to understand how the wine world actually works and we confront the challenges regardless if you’re the underdog or standing on the pedestal.

A Seat at the Table opens the door to a world of mutual respect, envy and compassion. While asking and ultimately answering that one question.

Has New Zealand earned a Seat at the Table?
Watch the trailer below and then go see the film when it is released in a theatre near you.

OFFICIAL TRAILER – A Seat at the Table.
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