Advertising – ‘Partners in Wine’

Joining ‘Partners in Wine’ provides simple, yet cost effective advertising for your New Zealand Wine Business, Brand, Service, Product or Event.

As part of my commitment to New Zealand Wine over the last 11 years, all NZ wine-related businesses are provided with a free text based link in the relevant section of the NZ Wine Directory.

This is and will always remain a free service that wine lovers globally can use, to connect with and learn more about New Zealand Wine.

A lot of time has been invested in the website development, search engine optimization and Google indexing to maximize the potential number of wine lovers finding & visiting the New Zealand Wine Directory.
(Currently averaging 100K impressions / page views each month)

Integrating social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In has further enhance our reach, and connectivity with wine lovers around the world.

Partnerships are also mutually beneficial as they help us fund the on-going maintenance and future development of this “free to use” resource.

We are constantly investing in updates & improvements as funding becomes available through Partnerships.

Advertising Requirements

Joining Partners in Wine will enhance your company’s visibility on the NZ Wine Directory, with the use of visual imagery and a direct connection to your website reaching more potential customers.

There are two, simple and cost effective ways to advertise:

A Website Wide Partner Tile & Link or a Single Page Banner & Link displayed on a selected section of the Directory. Image and link specifications are:

* An image with the dimensions 264 pixels x 264 pixels in either .JPG .PNG or .GIF format.

* The website address you wish to link to.

* Alt text to display when visitors mouse over the image.

Adverts can be run for any duration from one or a few months for an event to twelve months at a time.

Your advert can be up and running within 24 hours from the receipt of your imagery and text requirements.

Advertising Partners - Page Layout Image

Partnership Advertising Rates 2021-2022

Website Wide Partner Tile & Link: $64.00 +gst per Calendar Month

Single Page Partner Banner & Link: $34.00 +gst per Calendar Month

Contact John Bartlett to get your ad up and running now!

“I look forward to being  ‘Partners in Wine’ with you and sharing more #nzwine love to the world.”

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