Brilliant Year 2013

What a Brilliant Year 2013 Was

Our business started back in 2002 as a hobby website, with a selection of #nzwine links. This developed further over the years into our website, NZ WINE LINKS which was well received and visited – but it was pretty rudimentary at the time with limited functionality and the whole site being written in raw HTML. Below is a snapshot of how the NZ Wine Directory has evolved since start-up…

Being totally passionate about NZ Wine and after redundancy from a government Library and Information Management position in Oct 2009 the only sensible thing to do was to focus on developing this resource further, utilizing the skills I had and my passion for New Zealand wine.

“Information Is Power But Only If Shared!” has always been my philosophy…

In December 2009 The New Zealand Wine Directory was born, registered as a company, totally funded by ourselves and four and a half years on after much hard graft, surviving three major earthquakes, uprooting from Christchurch to settle in Blenheim, it has finished up in its current form as the fastest growing online resource about New Zealand Wine on the Internet.

We are all about collating, sorting and sharing information, news, views, events and more online via the…

Website: interface to the directory and a platform for promoting and advertising New Zealand Wine related businesses, products and services to the world.

Directory: a free resource with categorized web links to everything about the NZ Wine Industry for wine lovers / consumers / wine industry.

Blog: a platform for sharing industry press releases, wine tastings, wine reviews, wine events and in fact anything related to NZ Wine.

Social Media: Our Facebook Page and Twitter expand beyond the boundaries of the website and connect with our fans and followers across the world, who in turn share with theirs.

Wine Reviews: JB tasted & reviewed 54 wines from producers across the country and shared / promoted those wines with fans & followers.

Here are a few snippets of info on our visitors from 2013. (2012)

We had: 63,838 unique visitors (33,377) who made 125,554 visits (73,392) and viewed 394,377 pages (281,549) producing 1,797,362 hits (1,200,917) on our website.

In addition, Google and other search engines and robots etc. viewed 587,132 pages producing 787,100 hits. (not viewed traffic)

United States (106,924) New Zealand (103.984) France (21,029) China (17,992) Germany (13,605) Netherlands (13,145) Great Britain (9,994) Turkey (8,042) Australia (7,204) Canada (6913) All the rest (85,505)

We are continuing to build The New Zealand Wine Directory but rely on New Zealand wine industry support through advertising and promotion on our website to fund it. We are looking at developing a sponsorship programme and would welcome any offers of sponsorship to keep this fantastic resource going and developing into what we envisage as the “Yellow Pages” of New Zealand Wine.

Cheers, John and Glenys

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