Cirro Pinot Noir 2009 from Viscosity Wines

Cirro Pinot Noir 2009

Recently I reviewed the Cirro Sauvignon Blanc from the guys at Viscosity Wines, Dave Tyney “the Wine Wrestler” and colleagues David Green and Sam Wark..?

A Pinot Noir is the other wine in their portfiolio and not a bad drop it is too… medium dark cherry in colour, with plums and cherries a hint of spice, (cinnamon?) in the nose, on the palate it’s nice and dry, acid/tannin balance nicely integrated now, dark berry fruits, a little earthiness and a just enough oak influence, make it a really nice example of Marlborough Pinot Noir.

Thanks Dave for giving me the opportunity to taste both of your wines – I can recommend them both…

I rated the Cirro Pinot Noir at 17.5/20 or 87.5/100 Silver

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