Clos Henri & Rock Ferry Join MANA Group

MANA Winegrowers are pleased to announce the addition of Clos Henri and Rock Ferry to the MANA group.

FROMM Winery General Manager William Hoare says: “The addition of Rock Ferry and Clos Henri to MANA is in line with the philosophy behind the group “to share knowledge with like-minded people and ultimately improve each other’s wines”. Rock Ferry has worked with organics since their inception and Clos Henri brings a wealth of European experience.  MANA take the attitude of ‘if one does well, we all do well’, which is why I believe the addition of these two wineries to the group will enhance all of our wines.  We look forward to working with them and learning from them.”

Damien Yvon, COO/Winemaker for Clos Henri Vineyard says: “The Clos Henri team alongside the Bourgeois Family are honoured to be part of such an enthusiastic group of organic winegrowers seeking excellence with respect of nature and traditional values. The synergy and goals of MANA growers are like coming back to the old farming days where you combine your efforts to achieve the best from your terroir. Winegrowing is farming and as MANA members we are all farmers wanting to share our passion for our land and its finest expression.”

Rock Ferry Owner/Director Tom Hutchison says “Joining MANA was an easy decision.  Being part of a like-minded group is not only great support, but if we can collectively raise our voices to tell our stories and make us more visible then this is a good thing not just for the group but for the region as well.”

Clos Henri and Rock Ferry join existing winery members Fromm, Herzog, Huia, Seresin and Te Whare Ra.

MANA Winegrowers officially launched in 2010 after several years of working together, with a view to better promote Marlborough as one of the world’s great wine regions. MANA’s inclusive approach welcomes like-minded wineries growing and making quality wines using organic winegrowing practices entirely in Marlborough.

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