Clyde Village Vineyard

Clyde Village is a small boutique vineyard overlooking the historic gold-mining town of Clyde which is nestled in the burgeoning grape growing & wine making region of Central Otago. Chris and John who own the vineyard, have not regretted their change of lifestyle from city life, with Chris working full time in the vineyard and John, although still with his day job (to help support the vineyard,) gets out on the tractor at every opportunity.

The property is part of an old apricot orchard of which 30 trees remain, but in 2003, 1200 vines were planted on the north-west-faced terraced hillside and a further 860 vines on the lower less steep side in 2006. They also planted 100’s of tussocks to stabilize the bank and for weed control.

Clyde Village specializes in growing four clones of Pinot Noir, the vines being hand-tended from start to finish to ensure quality on crafted rootstock from Misty Valley. The end product being their two current wines: a 2008 Pinot Noir and a 2011 Pinot Noir Rose both of which can be ordered by email.

To find out more about Clyde Village Vineyard, and purchase some wine visit their Website or you can like their Facebook page.

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