Exciting times for Boutique Connection

A New Hub for Wonderfully Boutique Wines

Sam and Scarlet started to dabble in wine a couple of years ago and very quickly discovered that commercial tasting rooms were not for them.

In a effort to find a more personal experience they decided to only visit boutique tasting rooms while in Central Otago at the start of this year, where of course, they were able to speak to the vineyard owners and winemakers themselves!

Sadly, almost every single tasting room they went to had stories of struggle when it came to marketing, distributing their wine outside of their tasting rooms and simply finding it difficult to get their brand in front of people.

Sam and Scarlett saw an opportunity in this and started to think about what they could do to help.

This is when Boutique Connection was born, a platform for only boutique producers, bringing New Zealand’s most genuine small vineyards/wineries together in a bid to tell people about their incredible stories and beautiful wine.

Secondary to this goal is what they sell on our website. Boutique Connection offers subscriptions and one-off boxes, with some really exciting cases coming soon. In all of their cases, you will only find New Zealand’s most boutique wine which has been hand cared for from start to end – making a huge difference in the final result of any wine.

In essence, they just want people to experience the world of boutique wine, it really is a hobby in itself, learning about how it works and enjoying new wines you’ve never heard of.

Sam and Scarlett simply love wine and saw an opportunity to help the little guys, and to be involved in an industry they think is really cool. They are not experts and will never claim to be, that’s what their producers are for, but they do know good wine comes with great stories.

They are the guys in the middle of it all, striving to get high-quality boutique wine to people, to the wine enthusiasts, to the wine lovers.

To find out more visit and join Boutique Connection…

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