Five Rieslings and Five Gold Medals for Forrest Wines

Five Rieslings’ and Five Gold Medals for Forrest Wines

Forrest Wines in Marlborough, New Zealand picked up five (5) gold medals at the recent New Zealand International Wine Show. One of New Zealand’s most recognised Riesling producers, and home to the most awarded Riesling in The Doctors’ Riesling, Forrest received gold medals for three vintages of its The Valleys Brancott Riesling; the 2007, 2009 and 2010 vintages, as well as a gold medal for the Forrest Dry Riesling 2007 and its John Forrest Collection Wairau Riesling 2007.

Winemaker and owner John Forrest says his enthusiasm for Riesling stems from his time in South Australia. Returning to New Zealand in 1988 he established vineyards in Marlborough and focused on Riesling. He produced his first Riesling in 1992, and now has Riesling planted in five vineyards around Marlborough, each with a differing terroir that produce five distinctively different styles from the bone dry to the super sweet Botrytised.

Always the innovator, John produced his first low-cropped, dry style Riesling in the early 90’s, when Riesling was still very much sweet and bag-in-the-box, and more recently has helped popularise the lower alcohol “Kabinett” style with his “The Doctors’ Riesling.

When asked why he has a fascination with Riesling John comments “I find Riesling the most satisfying wine to make; it expresses the terroir in which it grows more than any other grape, can be made successfully in a diversity of styles, drinks well when youthful then develops a whole new personality in adulthood”.

For further information please contact: Samantha Forrest on 027 9029328

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