Gold for Spade Oak Heart of Gold St Laurent

Winemaker and Wine clean up at Gisborne Regional Wine Awards:
Gold for Spade Oak Heart of Gold St Laurent

It was a big night for the Voyseys and Spade Oak Vineyards at last week’s Gisborne Regional Wine Awards. Spade Oak Heart of Gold 2011 St Laurent won the Red blends and others category, and Steve Voysey was awarded the Bill Irwin Trophy, an initiative that celebrates Gisborne’s unique regional wine entrepreneurial nature. Previous winners of this award include (2012)Geoff Thorpe of Riversun and (2011)Millton Vineyard for their Crazy by Nature Shotberry Chardonnay 2010.

Steve Voysey was Montana’s head winemaker in Gisborne, and the man behind the renowned ‘O’ Chardonnay and ‘P’ Gewurtztraminer wines as well as the stupendously successful Lindauer range. After years of making great wines for big companies, Steve wanted an outlet that gave him total creative control; Spade Oak is the realisation of that dream and Steve’s playground, where he can experiment with new varieties as well as reinvent old classics from his 20+ years of winemaking experience.

Spade Oak Heart of Gold St Laurent

Described by Jamie Goode on his highly acclaimed and widely read site as “fresh, vivid and joyful, with lovely cherry fruit aromatics”, Spade Oak Heart of Gold St Laurent is a big, juicy red Pinot Noir lovers will absolutely love.

A fruit-forward aromatic dark berry red Burgundy-like wine, elegant and complex with a silky finish and fruitful palate. Perfect for those days when there’s a couple of venison backstraps over the coals, lamb racks under the grill, or a few thick steaks sizzling.

Colour: Ruby red with translucent crimson hue.
Aromas: Black cherry and rustic wild berry lift. Forest floor earthy notes of mushrooms.
Palate: Ripe fruit sweetness of spiced cherries, juicy mid-palate finishing with silky soft tannins.

For more information, please contact:
Eileen Voysey, Spade Oak Vineyard
Phone (06) 867 0198

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