On Herding Cats

In 2003, Peter McAtamney founded Wine Business Solutions. Peter holds and has held board and advisory board positions with Australian, New Zealand, South African and Spanish companies. With 27 years experience in the business, Peter’s passion is helping wine business owners to build a better business.

Every quarter,  Wine Business Solution produces a Wine Paper 28 of which are available for download here.

The Wine Paper 29 for January 2014 has just been released and we think you will find it very interesting especially the “The Top Ten Tips for Building a Better Wine Business”

Developing Winning Globally Strategy

Page 3 – On Herding Cats
Page 4 – Laddering Up
Page 9 – Fighting to Win
Page 11– The Top Ten Tips for Building a Better Wine Business

I was recently called upon to address the Austrian wine industry in relation to developing winning global strategy. This was a daunting proposition, if ever there was one. Not only has the Austrian Wine Marketing Board clearly identified who their primary customer is and what their value proposition for them is, they have managed to sum up in a single sentence, the essential character of Austrian wines that sets them apart, conceptually, from all others. And they’ve been making wine for around 4000 years or so…

Having been involved with regional and national organisations both in leadership and consulting roles, I can’t tell you how difficult this is. A former Chairman of New Zealand Winegrowers, for example, simply refused to declare any strategy during a period of almost 15 years citing overplanting, the undesirable response to Australia’s attempts to organise itself around a strategy, as the reason New Zealand should not have one. This resulted in the delay of New Zealand’s effective entry into international markets by around 10 years. It also meant that when New Zealand’s big surge finally came under its own steam, that Chairman’s company wasn’t prepared for it and was run over by Delegats (Oyster Bay) and Giesen etc.

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