International SauvBlanc Day 2015

Pleasanton, CA – “International SauvBlanc Day” is set for Friday, April 24. It is an event that seeks to engage the wine industry and enthusiasts in sharing their affinity for the varietal. Summertime in a Glass, an organization dedicated to promoting the grape through education, events, and advocacy, is co-sponsoring the day-long happening. Individuals and wine industry businesses are encouraged to use the hashtag “SauvBlanc” on social media platforms in order to interact from wherever they are. Tasting events in various locations are also taking place that day.

The event was started six years ago by St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery as a way to engage a wide-ranging audience interested in Sauvignon Blanc. The winery continues to sponsor and champion the event and has worked to expand its scope considerably. Last year, Summertime in a Glass, along with New Zealand Wine, joined St. Supéry in partnering to put on International SauvBlanc Day.

The popularity and reach of the event has grown significantly over the years. In addition to the social media campaign, several tasting events are taking place in various locations. Wineries, retailers, and others in the industry are being encouraged to become “Sauv Blanc Ambassadors” by putting on their own local activities to celebrate the grape.

“The idea of International #SauvBlanc Day is to connect fans of the grape everywhere,” said Bryan Dias, Executive Director of Summertime in a Glass. “That can mean enjoying a special flight at a winery or simply joining the social media conversation online by sharing thoughts and ideas about Sauvignon Blanc.”

For those interested in participating online on April 24, individuals can tag posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with “#SauvBlanc.” The hashtag can also be searched and followed on those platforms as way to see what others are saying. People are encouraged to share food pairing ideas, photos relevant to the varietal, favorite memories, and more. Purchasing and enjoying a bottle or two of Sauvignon Blanc and posting photos of the experience, thoughts, and tasting notes is another great way to get involved. Participation ideas, social media feeds, and more can be found at

For those in the industry, such as wineries, utilizing the hashtag on social media platforms is an excellent way to expose brands. Offering special tastings, promotions, or vineyard tours on-site is another way to get involved. Engaging guests to participate while they are in the tasting room is also easy and fun way to get the conversation going at a place of business.

Wineries and others that plan to put on activities connected to #SauvBlanc can visit the website for resources, an event listing form, and more. Individuals can also find events to attend by visiting the site.

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