Mahana Estates Launch New Releases

Mahana Estates’ New Releases Epitomise A Fresh Approach In Winemaking

Moutere-based winery Mahana Estates has launched a collection of new releases that are the result of innovative approaches in the winery and, in some cases, faith and inspiration, according to Mahana winemaker Michael Glover.

The new releases are the Mahana Riesling (2016), Mahana Pinot Noir (2014), Pinot Noir Carbonique (2016), Clays and Gravels single vineyard wines – Davey’s Lease Sauvignon Blanc (2015), Woolly’s Corner & Cornelia’s Nine Pinot Noir (2014), and several wines as part of its ‘Poets & Writers’ series – the Feral Lahar Sauvignon Blanc (2015), the Blood Moon Pinot Gris (2014) and the Dr Schaeffer Riesling (2015).

“I am a firm believer in terroir and I want people to be able to taste the distinctive characteristics of Mahana sites and the influence of the season on a particular vintage,” says Michael. “In 2015 we decided on a fresh approach. We fermented blocks of pinot separately and without looking at notes from previous winemakers we clearly identified the top three vineyard sites. We have kept the grapes from individual sites separate so that we can express the character of the sites rather than blending it away.”

The Poets & Writers set of new releases take innovation even further with Michael describing the Feral Lahar Sauvingnon Blanc as “as close to heroin-fuelled Miles Davis as I think I will ever get”.

Each wine in the Poets & Writers set has its own unique label to reflect its individual qualities. “Dr Schaeffer is quite Germanic, the Blood Moon has copper inlay and the Feral Lahar is based on Che Guevara’s beret,” says Michael. “We believe that what we’re doing challenges the status quo – so a nod to Che Guevara seems appropriate. These wines are far from conservative.”

The look of the main Mahana wine labels has also been refreshed with bright, bold colours lending the labels an energy and dynamism matching that of Mahana winemaker Michael Glover.

“Our new look is more in keeping with what we’re doing at the winery,” says Michael. “It’s captivating and attractive on the shelf and expresses the innovation and creativity that we are using in our approach to winemaking.

“For me, winemaking is about following leads to see where they take you and asking questions. There’s a huge reward that comes with that investigation of possibilities and we believe that people who drink our wines will enjoy where those ‘paths less taken’ have ended up.”


Mahana Riesling 2016

Mahana Pinot Noir 2014

Mahana Pinot Noir Carbonique 2016

Clays & Gravels Single Vineyard Davey’s Lease Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Clays & Gravels Woolly’s Corner Pinot Noir & Cornelia’s Nine Pinot Noir 2014

Poets & Writers Feral Lahar Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Poets & Writers Blood Moon Pinot Gris 2014

Poets & Writers Dr Schaeffer Riesling 2015

Please note: Poets & Writers wines are available in very limited quantities.

Check out the Stunning new labels below!

About Mahana Estates:

Located in the stunning Upper Moutere valley near Nelson, Mahana Estates is an organic vineyard, winery, restaurant, event venue and luxury accommodation host. Mahana Estates combines traditional winemaking practices with innovation and dynamism to best express its unique terroir.

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