Major Alcohol Industry Associations Launch Tomorrow Project

Major Alcohol Industry Associations Launch Tomorrow Project – Friday 23 November 2012

‘Drink like there’s a tomorrow’: Beer, wine and spirit associations launch social change initiative to help consumers make responsible choices

New Zealand’s major alcohol industry associations—the Brewers Association, Distilled Spirits Association, and New Zealand Winegrowers—launched a new social change initiative, the Tomorrow Project (“the Project”), in Auckland tonight. Collectively the associations represent more than 1,300 businesses involved in the production,marketing and distribution of alcohol in New Zealand.

The Project will undertake research and develop engaging education initiatives to
support New Zealanders to make good decisions about drinking alcohol, under a new
consumer brand—Cheers!.

“Our research shows that New Zealanders have a fairly low level of understanding about the way alcohol affects the body and mind,” says Cheers! Programme Director, Jessica Venning-Bryan. “To make good decisions, people first need good information, so we hope to play a role in improving New Zealanders’ alcohol consciousness.”

The first initiative from the Project is the new Cheers! website (,
which presents factual information, responsible drinking tips, and self-assessment tools for drinkers, and guidance for hosts and parents wanting to encourage responsibility.

The site will be supported by a blend of traditional advertising and experiential marketingin the first year.

Venning-Bryan says, “Members of the three industry associations are experienced at
communicating with alcohol consumers and creating strong consumer brands, so they’re in an unparalleled position to supplement other education programmes.”

The Project will include social norm messaging to reinforce that drinking to excess is
neither normal nor desirable. According to the Ministry of Health, 78% of New
Zealanders who drink, drink moderately. The Project will use this information, and other positive social norms, to encourage good decision-making.

“Even moderate drinkers can improve their health consciousness so they are
consistently making good decisions, and role modeling healthy drinking behavior. We
hope to empower people to do this,” Venning-Bryan says.


More information about The Tomorrow Project is available from Jessica Venning-Bryan, Programme Director, at or by calling 027 528 0257

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