New Look Richmond Plains

“We would like to introduce you to the new look Richmond Plains and a special offer to celebrate. We took our lone koru and created a spiral of korus as nothing works on its own in nature and nor do we. This reflects our philosophy of making great wine that’s also good for you and the planet by working with nature.

Well recognised in New Zealand; the Koru is very important to us.  The Koru symbolises new beginnings, unfolding life and growth.  Just as each season brings new life in the vineyard and new wines to make, the flavours of previous wines are gently developing and unfolding as they sit in the bottle waiting to be enjoyed.

The spiral of the Korus reflect the Certified Biodynamic and Organic nature of our vineyard. Even the stirring of preparations and blending of man with nature to produce something special. The 7 Korus like days of the week reflect the natural environmental calendar we work with and the dynamic and free flowing form reflects natural elements we live with.

Working With Nature

We strive to make great wine by working with nature.  We:

  • Encourage natural plants and beneficial insects to colonise our vineyard
  • Use natural sprays like fish oil and fungi that don’t harm the environment
  • Look after the soil and water by not polluting it with excess nitrogen
  • Let plants develop strong deep root systems to find what they need
  • Use lightweight bottles and packaging
  • Make beneficial compost heaps from our own grape skins, grass and cow pats
  • Use eco-friendly organic and biodynamic practises following natures natural rhythms

If you are in Nelson, go and visit them for some tastings. They are happy to welcome you at their cellar door on 108 McShane Road, Richmond (open Saturday and Sunday over Easter weekend 10.30-16.30, closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday).

Te M?nia and Richmond Plains Certified Organic & Biodynamic Wines

108 McShane Road, RD1
Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand
Ph/Fx: + 64 (0)3 544 7585 ?

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