New Zealand Top 3 Wine Import Into USA By Value

New Zealand Wine is now top 3 wine import into USA by value…

The value of New Zealand wine imported into the US has grown significantly in the past 12 months according to a recent Gomberg Fredrikson Report.

In 2016 the total value of New Zealand wine imported into the US reached US$400 million, now only surpassed by Italy (US$1,960 million) and France (US$1,589 million).

“To be third ranking in terms of value in the world’s largest wine market is outstanding, especially given New Zealand produces less than one per cent of the world’s wine”, said Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers.

New Zealand wine, especially Sauvignon Blanc, is very popular in the US and continues to grow at a rate much faster than the total market said Jon Moramarco, owner of The Gomberg Fredrikson Report. “The growth doesn’t surprise me, just because of the quality and value of what New Zealand has to offer.”

New Zealand wine exports have reached a record high and now stand at $1.61 billion up 5% for the year end January 2017. New Zealand wine is exported to more than 90 countries, and is New Zealand’s 7th largest export good.

  • The Gomberg Fredrikson Report looks at month by month and year by year import figures provided by the US Department of Commerce along with data from US Customs.
  • The US is the world’s largest and most competitive wine market. It became New Zealand’s largest market in 2015 overtaking the UK and Australia.

For further information contact: Philip Gregan Chief Executive Officer New Zealand Winegrowers Tel: 09 306 5555 Mob: 021 964564

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