New Zealand Wine Industry Looks To The Future With Confidence

New Zealand wine industry looks to the future with confidence

Sarah Thornton –

Continued demand for New Zealand wine and value growth is the story of the wine sales year according to the June year end 2013 Annual Report of New Zealand Winegrowers.

Globally, consumers continue to respond to the vibrant, distinctive qualities of New Zealand wine said Steve Green, Chair of New Zealand Winegrowers. “The small 2012 grape crop meant wine was in short supply and wineries took the opportunity to improve their positioning in the market. The end result was a 3% increase in the export value to a record $1.21 billion but 5% lower export volume”.

A record 345,000 tonnes of grapes were harvested in 2013. North to South experienced ideal grape growing conditions with a long dry summer providing well balanced, well-ripened fruit. The 2013 crop is up 28% on the small 2012 harvest but up only 5% on 2011. “Winemakers have welcomed the more normal 2013 harvest as the improved supply will facilitate renewed export growth in the year ahead” said Mr Green. This has generated a renewed optimism amongst growers and wineries.

This optimism has led to the first signs of new vineyard plantings. However Mr Green cautioned that if the industry is to learn from the recent past, new plantings must be market-led and demand driven.

Mr Green is clear that there are still challenges for both growers and wineries, and supply discipline remains as essential now as ever before. “Provided the wine industry learns from the struggles of the past, we can look to the future with confidence”.


The 2013 Annual Report can be accessed by clicking here:

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