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“New Zealand is a Land Like No Other”
“New Zealand Wine is an Experience Like No Other”

Our special combination of soil, climate and water, our innovative pioneering spirit and our commitment to quality all come together to deliver pure, intense and diverse experiences. In every glass of New Zealand Wine is a world of pure discovery.

New Zealand Winegrowers is the national organisation for New Zealand’s grape and wine sector. The organisation currently has approximately 1000 grower members and 700 winery members who conduct a wide range of tasks on behalf of the grape and wine sector.

These include Advocacy at regional, local and international levels, Providing a global marketing platform for New Zealand wine, Facilitating world-class research on industry priorities, Giving the industry timely and strategic information and Organising sector-wide events such as The Bragato Conference and Awards and The Air New Zealand Wine Awards: These activities are developed around the goal of: “Building a Great New Zealand Wine Industry”

To find out more about New Zealand Wine, the Wineries and Vineyards, People, Events, News and Information and much more, click the banner above to visit the official New Zealand Winegrowers website. You can like their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter too.

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