NZ Organic Wine Awards 2018

The NZ Organic Wine Awards are now in our fifth season of running . The Awards have seen steady growth since our inception, including the increase of participation numbers, numbers of medals on bottles, website visits and media coverage! In short, things are looking really positive, and we look forward to further improvements.

2018 NZ Organic Wine Awards

As part of our strategy, we sit down after each award and take a look at what we do well, and what could do with a little more thought. We receive an overwhelmingly positive response to our independent status, and also our ‘no cost’ status (both in terms of entering the award, medal artwork and viewing results/tasting notes). Being effectively a non-monetary organisation does provide a few challenges for us, so I want to acknowledge and thank our volunteer admin, marketing and judging staff. We have also signed some strategic partnership agreements this year in order to reduce some of our administration costs and help us further our mission!

Riedel are our exclusive glassware provider, judging will now be completed using the Riedel Magnum Overture glasses. Riedel will also be providing Decanter trophies for Winery of the Year, and Vintec/Electrolux have provided us with a dedicated wine refrigerator to ensure sample wine is stored in a stable environment prior to judging and tastings.

The cost savings as a direct result of these partnerships will allow us to divert some of our existing funds towards a modest marketing budget.
Entries are now open, please use the entry form link below to submit your entry. Winners and medals will be announced Wednesday 2nd May. Samples must be received by 30th March.

To enter, please complete the entry form here

About the NZ Organic Wine Awards – Their Mission

The New Zealand Organic Wine Award’s aren’t like other awards in New Zealand. We don’t have any paid sponsors (we accept product assistance from sponsors which helps us keep our costs low, but does not compromise our independent status) we don’t have glitzy award ceremonies, and we don’t have any entry fee’s. We don’t have any entry requirements, other than that the wine is produced from certified organic grapes by one of the four NZ certifiers. The awards are dedicated to finding, and awarding New Zealand’s best certified organic wines, regardless of the size of the vineyard, or their ability to compete in a high cost award ceremony.

Our goal is to increase market share of organic wine in New Zealand, and help consumers to easily find, and select a quality organic wine.

We achieve our goal by judging, awarding, and promoting wines entered. We then write select tasting notes for standout wines. We work with restaurants to help them include suitable organic wines, help consumers find locations to purchase their chosen wine, and work with the vineyards to help maximise exposure following the awards .

We are currently working towards a better platform to connect consumers with vineyards and retailers to purchase award winning wine.

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