Opihi Vineyard – NZ Wine Website of the Week

A truly boutique wine business, the Opihi vineyard is located 30km inland from Timaru in South Canterbury New Zealand. The Opihi label has gained awards at many major wine shows, and has also been recommended by Wine State and Cusine magazines

The vineyard was established in 1991 on warm north facing slopes located in the Opihi district area, 30 km inland from Timaru. The altitude is 150 m above sea level and the average annual rainfall is 600mm. The soil type is Timaru silt loam to a depth of 20 cm on top of a heavy clay base. At latitude 44° South, this is a cool climate area with autumn weather being typically lovely warm days and cool nights.

Opihi Wine is a limited edition wine and there is a unique taste of South Canterbury in every glass. Click the banner above to find out more…

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