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A number of years ago I attended a tasting at Vino Fino in Christchurch, where a number of producers from the very new Waitaki Valley wine region were showing what can be produced. Some like Pasquale, Ostler, Valli and John Forrest had been growing there for a while, but more recently Q-Wines and now River-T Estate and a dozen others are finding the region promising. It is a fast growing region and the wines produced are pretty impressive…

Over the last week, I have had the pleasure of tasting five wines from River-T Estate Wines in the Waitaki Valley in North Otago and have enjoyed speding time with each one!

“River-T Estate was planted by Murray Turner in 2007 as a small boutique vineyard with a mix of grape varieties on the banks of the Waitaki River 5 km east of Kurow Township. Murray selected this site for its historic fruit cropping ability, high growing degree days, rich alluvial soil entwined with limestone and its northerly aspect.

It has proven to be a winning combination with consistent crops every year since 2009 and quality grapes that has flowed through into ethereal wines that represent everything about this pristine region.” River-T Wines Estate

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River-T Estate Wines

Here are my notes on the five wines which have been already shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

River-T Estate Pinot Gris Waitaki 2014
Bright Straw gold with hints of green, spice & white stonefruit in the nose, nectarines & pear on the palate, nice palate weight, oily, succulent & juicy!
Alc 13.5% RRP $19.00

River-T Estate Pinot Gris Waitaki 2016
Straw with green / lemon highlights, spice, green apples & stonefruit on the nose – juicy & succulent palate – crisp apple / pear / peach flavours, lighter body than 2014 – needs more time.
Alc 13.5% RRP $19.00

River-T Estate Riesling Waitaki 2016
Straw yellow – gold coloured – florals, lime & sweet honey in the nose, a layered palate of lemony – limey citrus flavours & acidity balanced with concentrated fruit sweetness 18 gms/rs, long moreish finish! I love Riesling in this style!
Alc 13.0% RRP $19.00

River-T Estate Rose Pinot Noir Waitaki 2016
Deep reddish pink, a blast of berries and cherries in the nose, bright acidity, rich dark and raspberry fruit flavours, balanced with a little sweetness and great length – a bottle of fruity sunshine!
Alc 14.0% RRP $25.50

River-T Estate Pinot Noir Waitaki 2015
Dark cherry / garnet red, herbal, plums & berries in the nose, quite a full palate of cherry, plum and berries, full bodied, big flavours, silky tannins, long finish! An elegant Waitaki Pinot Noir! AGreat example of what can be grown in the Waitaki.
13.5% RRP $30.00

To find out more and purchase these wine visit http://rivertestate.co.nz/

THE WAITAKI – “The key viticultural characteristics of the valley are its cool climate, with warm summers and long, usually dry, autumn seasons, and its complex geological origins with limestone, alluvial greywacke and schist being found in close proximity at different sites.

The resultant wines demonstrate a distinctive minerality and complexity of fruit flavours. These wines frequently possess a notable lingering finish on the palate in addition to fragrant aromatics. It is believed that this results from a combination of the long slow fruit ripening and the substrata beneath the loess-based soil.” nzwine.com

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