Students from Bordeaux Studying NZ Organic Wine

Wine is an integral part of French culture and two students from Bordeaux and wine lovers, Arthur Volle & Yacine, are convinced that they do not know much about other producing countries. The students from Bordeaux Studying NZ Organic Wine have a blog to share their findings.

The choice of organic, or at least a sustainable wine, was made naturally. The label equivalent to the AB label in France, does not bring more value to the wine, but it holds the promise that the wine consumed is devoid of synthetic chemicals. Organic wine therefore respects the environment and the health of the consumer.

Their student project aims to highlight the production of organic wine in different regions of the world. The first stage of their trip brings them to New Zealand where 10% of the national production is certified “Organic Farming”.

During the next 4 months, they will meet and interview organic wine producers in order to understand their work methods and the issues that drive them.

They also want to promote wine tourism by offering quality video content via their drone. Watch this short video taken at Urlar.


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