Sue Courtney’s Wine of the Week.

There are a number of wine writers in New Zealand, Sue Courtney from Auckland being one of the most prolific and long standing contributors, having started her “Webzine”, Wine of the Week back in 1998.

Sue has a passion for wine and a passion for writing and since then has provided her followers with a wealth of wine reviews, commentary and links to New Zealand wine related information. Sue’s website is “old school.” It’s simple and functional as a vehicle for her to share her love of wine and food with us all.

Sue’s ‘Blog of Vinous Ramblings’ is updated several times a week with her wine reviews, wine news, wine events, tasting notes from the First Glass Fine Wine Wednesday tastings, and more – there’s a huge amount of information about New Zealand wine, the regions, publications and more filling her archives with very interesting reading and historically a lot of valuable information.

Sue has always had a syndicated feed / RSS for subscribers to keep up to date, has been broadcasting her “Wine Me Up Wednesday” live sessions with Paul Holmes on Radio Live which are really funny and informative and recently joined us in the #NZWINE twittersphere tweeting regularly as @winescribe (you should follow her)

To find our more about Sue and Wine of the visit her website by click the banner above. Cheers Sue for your contribution to NZ Wine Online.

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