Surveyor Thomson Awarded Champion Pinot Noir at NZ Organic Wine Awards

Surveyor Thomson 2013 was awarded the Champion Pinot Noir trophy at the recent NZ Organic Wine Awards.

The inaugural NZ Organic Wine Library Stock Competition was initiated to celebrate the cellaring potential of New Zealand’s finest organic producers and their wines from 2013.  As noted by NZOWA, “We find ourselves in a rare situation in that we are small enough to run a competition to judge wines of a specific vintage in order to judge them on their quality as they reach their peak. The overall goal is to help organic vineyards promote their current release wine’s cellaring potential.”

Domaine Thomson, a certified organic pinot noir producer from Lowburn in Central Otago, has a strong corporate philosophy to hold back the release of their flagship Surveyor Thomson pinot noirs, to achieve this level of quality and maturity found in older wines. The cellaring time, along with organic practices on the property, enable Domaine Thomson to make wines whose structure and flavours are unique to their vineyard.  They reflect the soils, micro-climates and the producer’s own philosophy. This expression is only enhanced with time.

“Single-vineyard, organic wines are a growing trend in Central as many of the region’s best winemakers try to express the individual characters of their vineyards. To do so requires an intimate knowledge of the site, its soil types, the microclimate – which patches are more vigorous, which need extra organic matter in the soil – and what to do, or, more importantly, what not do when making the wine to allow this expression.”

Domaine Thomson owners, David and PM Hall-Jones and their winemaker, Dean Shaw of The Central Otago Wine Company, firmly believe their commitment to this wine style, its ageing potential and organic / bio-dynamic practices, allow them to release pinot noirs to the market that they themselves want to drink with great food and great friends.

According to David, “the Surveyor Thomson 2013 was a particular favourite of ours so we are thrilled with this result.  There is still a small allocation of this wine that remains available on our website so get in quick!”

For more information, please see and contact Claudio Heye

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