University of Auckland Wine Science Programme – NZ Wine Website of the Week

In the last twenty years, the global wine industry has become increasingly internationalised and sophisticated. Along with other new-world producers, the New Zealand wine industry has grown rapidly. This success has created demands for highly trained and skilled participants and for locally focussed scientific research of the highest standards.

The Wine Science Postgraduate Programme at the University of Auckland caters for these demands. The programme uses the experiences of winemaking in New Zealand to highlight the multiple dimensions and applications of wine science. A central theme is that wine science is more than simply winemaking.The programme is organised around the understanding of wine production as a process that runs “from the vine to the mouth.”

The University of Auckland is also actively engaged in a wide range of research projects directed at applying the latest advances in various discplines for the benefit of the New Zealand wine industry. These research activites are run with the close involvement and co-operation of New Zealand wine companies, whose on-going interest and support is an essential part of their success and the ultimate up-take of knowledge advances by the local industry.

To find out more about the Wine Science Programme at the University of Auckland click the banner above to visit their website.

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