Wairarapa (meaning glistening waters in Maori) is a compact yet diverse region, with numerous boutique producers offering a range varieties and producing wine of exceptional quality.

A boutique region, Wairarapa has just 3% of New Zealand’s land under vine, and contributes to 1% of its total production.

A range of styles and varieties are on offer, such as standout Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and aromatics, as well as stylish Chardonnay, Syrah and dessert wines.

The three main sub-regions in the area are Martinborough, Gladstone and Masterton. These sub-regions share a similar climate and soil structures, yet offer subtle differences in character for the discerning palate to explore.

Wairarapa’s modern wine history dates from the late 1970s plantings of Martinborough, which included producers such as: Dry River, Martinborough Vineyard, Ata Rangi and Chifney (now Margrain).

A short, scenic drive from Wellington, the picturesque region is around 30 kilometers from the sea, and offers a range of wine tourism activities, unique accommodation, and superb dining options.

Source: New Zealand Winegrowers – nzwine.com

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Wineries and Vineyards of the Wellington – Wairarapa Region

26 Rows Vineyard – http://26rows.co.nz/

Alana Wines – http://www.alana.co.nz/

Alexander Vineyard – http://alexandervineyard.co.nz/

Alexia – http://www.alexia.co.nz/

Ashwell Vineyards – http://www.ashwellvineyards.co.nz/

Ata Rangi Vineyard – http://www.atarangi.co.nz/

Big Sky Wines – http://www.bigskywines.co.nz/

Blair Patrick Estate – http://blairpatrick.co.nz/

Borthwick Estate – http://www.borthwick.co.nz/

Botanic Vineyards – http://botanicvineyards.wix.com/christopherreid

Brodie Estate – http://www.brodieestate.co.nz/

Butterworth Estate – https://butterworthestate.com/

Cambridge Road Vineyard – http://www.cambridgeroad.co.nz/

Christopher Reid Wines –  http://www.christopherreidwines.com

Colombo Wines – http://www.colombo.co.nz/

Coney Wines – http://coneywines.co.nz/

Cottier Estate – http://www.cottierestate.co.nz/

Croft Wines – http://croft.co.nz/

Devotus Wine – http://www.devotus.co.nz/

DON Wines – http://www.artesanovintners.com/DON/

Drummond Farm – https://www.drummondfarm.land/

Dry River Wines – http://www.dryriver.co.nz/

Equilibrium Makers – https://www.equilibrium

Escarpment Vineyard – http://www.escarpment.co.nz/

Fairmont Estate – http://www.fairmontestate.co.nz/

Gladstone Vineyard – http://www.gladstone.co.nz/

Grava Wines – http://www.grava.nz/

Hamden Estate – http://hamdenestate.co.nz/

Haythornthwaite – http://www.haythornthwaite.co.nz/

Johner Estate – http://www.johner-estate.com/

Kusuda Wines – http://www.kusudawines.com/

Lansdowne Estate – http://www.lansdownewine.co.nz/

Le Grá Winery – https://legra.co.nz/

Luna Estate – https://lunaestate.co.nz/

Lynfer Estate – http://www.lynferestate.co.nz/

Ma Maison Wines – http://www.greatlittlevineyards.com/vineyard/ma-maison-wines/

Margrain Vineyard – http://www.margrainvineyard.co.nz/

Martinborough Vineyard – http://www.martinborough-vineyard.co.nz/

Matahiwi Estate – http://www.matahiwi.co.nz/

Muirlea Rise – http://www.muirlearise.co.nz/

Murdoch James Estate – http://www.murdochjames.co.nz/

Nga Waka Vineyard – http://www.ngawaka.co.nz/

On Giants’ Shoulders – https://ongiantsshoulders.co.nz/

Palliser Estate – http://www.palliser.co.nz

Paper Road Wines – http://www.paperroad.co.nz/

Paulowniar Estate – http://paulowniawines.co.nz/

Pond Paddock – http://www.pondpaddock.nz/

Poppies Martinborough – http://www.poppiesmartinborough.co.nz/

Redbank Estate Ltd – http://redbankjames.wordpress.com/

Ruamahanga River Estate – http://www.johner-estate.com/

Schubert Wines – http://www.schubert.co.nz/

Stonecrop Wines – http://www.stonecropwines.com/

Stonecutter – http://www.stonecutter.co.nz/

Stratford Wines – http://www.stratford.co.nz/

Te Aro Wine – https://www.tearowine.co.nz/

Te Hera Estate – https://tehera.co.nz/

Te Kairanga Wines – http://www.tkwine.co.nz/

Tiwaiwaka Wines – https://www.facebook.com/Tiwaiwaka-Wines

Terroir Wines – https://www.terroirwines.us/new-zealand

The Elder Pinot – http://www.theelderpinot.co.nz/

The Paper Road Vineyard – http://www.paperroad.co.nz/

Three Paddles – http://www.threepaddles.co.nz/

Tirohana Estate – http://www.tirohanaestate.com/

Treehouse Estate – http://www.treehouseestate.co.nz/

Urlar Estate – http://www.urlar.co.nz/

Winslow Wines – http://www.winslowwines.co.nz/

Woven Stone – http://www.wovenstone.co.nz/