Wine Stories from Hawkes Bay, Gisborne or North Island

Hi Everyone – I received this interesting request from Frank Milner today so I thought let’s put this message out there and see who responds…

Come on all you Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne or North Island wineries and Vineyards,  share your best ‘Great White Wine Stories” with Frank and be part of his presentation in Toronto Canada….

You can contact Frank directly or I’m happy to pass on your stories to him…


I’m looking for a recommendation of a white wine from Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, or North Island with a cool story that I can present at an upcoming wine event here in Toronto, Canada.

Not sure if you can help me but I would definitely appreciate it. I’ve spent some time on your site and have found a lot of great choices but I have no local knowledge of some of the great “wine stories” that exist. I’m hoping something jumps out at you that you could share with me.

Thanks in advance. In the meantime I’ll keep reading your blogs and other materials.


Frank Milner

Milnerf AT

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