Winery great place for Unconventional Team Building

5 Places to Convene an Unconventional Team Building Event

A company functions well if its employees perform satisfactorily or beyond that. In order to help bring out the best in employees, team building is necessary. This is a philosophy in case of job designs wherein the employees participating in such an activity are not viewed as individual employees but rather members of interdependent teams. Most of the companies believe in engaging their employees to participate in group activities in order to improve their performance and also to allow them to bond well with their co-workers. If you want to hold unconventional events for employees in order to break free from the stereotypes and also to allow them to have a great time then you should consider the following 5 places for holding a team building event:

At a Restaurant With Trained Chefs and Instructors

If you want an unconventional event for building team performance amongst your employees then you should select a restaurant as the venue. Most people love to eat therefore this one is a great way of letting the employees bond. The employees can be split into different teams and they need to participate in a cook-off challenge. To make it even more challenging, you can declare a gourmet cook-off. However, irrespective of the type of cook-off you choose, ensure that the employees are guided by trained chefs to avoid mishaps.

At A Forest

New Zealand has plenty of forests therefore you can take advantage of this by introducing an event like wilderness cooking to boost the performance of your employees. Allow them to take a breath of fresh air while working with nature’s kitchen. The objective can be to cook foods such as smoked fish, stew, etc over fire pits. This task is great for making the employees work together as a team and the best part is that irrespective of how skilled an employee may be in the kitchen at home, working with the nature’s kitchen is a different story altogether!

At a Wine Cellar

Teams can be taken to a wine cellar where they will be given a tour to learn about wine making techniques. Later on, they can be called to a blind tasting round wherein they will have to guess the origin of the wine, the number of years it has aged and so on based on their newly acquired knowledge about wine making. This is a fun activity and the teams can also be encouraged to try coming up with marketing campaigns for the wine!

At a Community Lot

The venue can be any public place, it can also be a castle if you really want to kick things up a notch! Allow your employees to have a fun treasure hunt in the castle or public lot. There are many companies that offer packages for this kind of team event for employees, therefore you wouldn’t even need to put in any effort to arrange for the venue or treasure hunt!

At a Casino

This is definitely an unconventional venue to hold a team event for your employees, however it is very effective! Staff members can be treated to a casino night wherein they would be divided into different teams. They would need to participate in typical Casino games like roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, slot machines and so on. They can win fake money in the process and in the end, the team with the most fake money wins!

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