Winesave Pro Seeking Worldwide Distributors

Winesave Pro

Winesave is a premium wine preservation solution now seeking for distribution worldwide.

The world’s first, uniquely engineered, hand-held canister containing 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade argon gas.

Argon is nature’s perfect wine preserver as it’s completely inert, harmless, flavourless, tasteless, colourless and 2.5 times heavier than air.

Simply spray for one second into an opened bottle of wine and it creates a perfect layer above your wine, preventing further oxidation.

Guaranteed to keep your opened wine fresh longer – days, weeks, or even months.

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Winesave Pro Packaging

Winesave Launches Improved Version of Premium Wine Preserver

Accepting distributors and resellers to carry the new 2018 Edition winesave PRO.

Winesave, the premium wine preserver, recently released the latest version of their flagship product “2018 Edition winesave PRO” on 21st August 2018.

With over ten million bottles of wine now estimated protected globally and independent endorsements from some of the world’s most prestigious wine experts, winesave has proven to be a safe and effective way to easily keep opened bottles of wine lasting longer.

The first to invent a handheld canister containing 100% argon gas back in 2009, for almost a decade Winesave has been providing wine lovers peace of mind to enjoy any wine a glass at a time, and equipping wine professionals with an easy and affordable way to protect wines served by the glass.

“The 2018 Edition of winesave PRO retains everything that our customers love, but returns to the original and admittedly easier-to-open packaging on the outside, combined with even higher quality manufacturing on the inside” says Matthew Fisher, the new Managing Director of Winesave.

“Our goal is to give every lover of wine and every worker with wine, a little peace of mind. We invite distributors and resellers to partner with us at this exciting time.”

Everything that has made winesave PRO the premium wine preserver remains:

Made with 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade, argon gas.
Protects up to 150 applications – the most in the market.
Attractive canister design with unique weighted base.
Ultra-repellant flexible hose dispenser.
Now, the 2018 Edition Winesave PRO also has:


Winesave Pro UsageReturned to the iconic and easier-to-open cardboard box.
Upgraded valve for a more efficient release over time.
Modernised messaging on the outside.
Improved instructions on the inside.
ISO 9001 certified manufacturing.
Refined patent-pending design.

Winesave is now actively accepting new distributors and resellers worldwide for the new 2018 Edition winesave PRO. Click HERE to fill out the inquiry form.

Who Sells Winesave

While we welcome anyone selling winesave, the most popular types of resellers are:

Wine Merchants/Stores/Clubs
Wineries/Vineyards/Cellar Doors Wine Accessory
Merchants Restaurant/Bar Suppliers

Who Buys Winesave

The two typical customer types are:

Wine Lovers – anyone who enjoys wine at home
Wine Professionals – any business that serves wines by the glass

Let’s see If we’re a Fit!

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