Yealands Wine Group launches Sustainability Initiative

Yealands Wine Group launches Sustainability Initiative with $100,000 funding available for environmental projects in Marlborough, to help fund local groups committed to improving Marlborough’s environment.

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As part of its commitment to the Marlborough region, Yealands Wines today launches the Yealands Wines Marlborough Sustainability Initiative (YSI) in partnership with the Marlborough District Council and the Blenheim Sun.

This initiative offers a total of $100,000 of funding each year to local environmental not-for-profits working to improve fresh water quality, preserve sensitive natural areas, and protect biodiversity in the Marlborough district.

The opportunity to provide resources to improve the local Marlborough region was a natural expansion of Yealands’ existing commitment to sustainable winemaking. As New Zealand’s only Toit? carbonzeroCertTM accredited winery, Yealands has consistently committed itself to producing high-quality wines in the most sustainable way.

Most recently, Yealands has joined the member list of International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), a collective that unites winemakers in a mission to decarbonise the global wine industry. As part of this membership, Yealands has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2045.

Michael Wentworth, General Manager External Relations and Sustainability at Yealands Wines, is gratified that Yealands can add this initiative to its growing list of sustainability commitments.

“Marlborough’s environment and its people come together to produce Yealands Wines. Given our connection to the environment, we recognise that we have a role to play to protect it and support those people in our community who work so hard on environmental causes.” says Wentworth.

Applications for the YSI grants will be open twice a year. Each charitable or not-for-profit community group can apply for individual grants of up to $10,000 each year. The first applications will be open from 1 February and will close on 29 February.

Mayor of Marlborough, John Leggett, says “There are many deserving environmental projects here in Marlborough, run by passionate and inspiring locals. I’m pleased that the council can help support their valuable work on the ground. “Thank you to Yealands Wine Group for setting up this fund, which I’m sure will be appreciated by many in our community,” he says.

For further information on the initiative, application details, and terms and conditions, please visit

About Yealands Wine Group
Yealands has been committed to sustainability since it first began operation on 08/08/08. The majority of its staff live and work in Marlborough and the local environment provides the unique setting for its vineyards. Yealands is committed to playing a long-term role, alongside its community, to enhance Marlborough’s natural environment.

Yealands Estate Wines launched in August 2008 with the ambition of becoming a world leader in sustainable wine production. In addition to winning numerous international accolades for the quality of their wines, the company’s innovative approach to sustainable wine production has seen the development of extensive wetlands, native tree plantings, the installation and utilisation of renewable energy initiatives and integrated pest control measures.

In just over eleven years the company has established itself as one of New Zealand’s prominent wine producers, exporting to more than 65 countries.

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