27Seconds Wine Tasting Parties – Come Join the Party

27Seconds Wine launched their “27seconds Wine Tasting Parties” last year.
Read on to join the fun and contribute to the cause…

For those unfamiliar with the brand, 27seconds is a wine label with a difference. Based out of the founders’ family vineyard in North Canterbury, 27seconds makes an outstanding range of Waipara wine and donates 100% of its profits to helping end modern-day slavery. Each bottle combats the alarming statistic that every 27 seconds, somewhere in the world, a vulnerable person is trafficked or sold into slavery.

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“So often we get emails from our supporters telling us they have been enthusiastically sharing the word about our wine to their friends and family. First and foremost, they love the wine, but even more, they love that choosing and promoting 27seconds means helping survivors of modern-day slavery,” says Co-founder Alanna Chapman. “These parties will make it even easier for them to do that.”

The packs will be available on 27seconds’ website from the 9th of June. The packs contain a bottle of each 27seconds variety (or two for a larger gathering), a virtual tasting guide and beautifully crafted tasting booklets. “Everything you need to host an enjoyable night of wine-tasting, food matching and learning about the issue of modern-day slavery,” says Chapman.

At the end of the evening, hosts will take orders so guests can stock up on their favourite varieties – all in the knowledge that 100% of the profit from their purchases will support NGOs working in the area of human trafficking.

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This initiative is the latest step in 27seconds’ efforts to grow their business and raise more funds to help address their devastating namesake statistic: every 27 seconds a child is trafficked into slavery (UNICEF).

“Right from the start, we just knew these parties could make a real difference. People can discover our product in a relaxed setting and also engage with the issue of modern-day slavery in an approachable way,” says Chapman.

“It all started with a conversation about an upcoming Tupperware party. There was this moment where we said ‘What’s better than a party about food storage? A Wine Tasting Party with a great cause – that’s what!’” says Chapman.

Parties cost $120 for a group up to 20 people or $220 for a group of 20 or more.

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To find out more visit: https://27seconds.co.nz/27seconds-wine-tasting-parties/

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