Fruit Wine & Cider Makers

New Zealand Fruit Wine & Cider Makers

Fruit wine makers? Yes not all wine is made from grapes – there are a number of quality wines and ciders made from other fruits and berries by a number of small and large production fruit wine makers in New Zealand and here is a list of links to some of their websites.

Bemrose Estate –

Capital Cider –

Celestial Wines –

Cider New Zealand –

Drury Hills Wines –

Hairy Horse Cider –

Lothlorien Winery –

Mamaku Blue –

Old Mout Cider –

Paynter’s Cider –

Redwood Cellars Ltd –

Ruahine Ports –

Scoundrels and Rogues –

Sprig & Fern Cider –

Steel Press Cider –

The Celtic Winery –

Three Wise Birds –

Tutu Cider –

Vine Street NZ Fruit Wine – by Spade Oak –

Zeffer Cider –