‘Partners in Wine’ – Advertising

‘Partners in Wine’ – simple, cost effective advertising for your New Zealand Wine Business, Brand, Service, Product or Event.

As part of my commitment to New Zealand Wine over the last 12 years, all NZ wine-related businesses are provided with a free text based link in the relevant section of the NZ Wine Directory.

This is and will always remain a free service that wine lovers globally can use, to connect with and learn more about New Zealand Wine.

What is the New Zealand Wine Directory

The NZ Wine Directory is a ‘free-to-use’ digital resource, containing links to 1,000s of businesses part of and supporting the New Zealand Wine Industry. Since launching in 2009 the focus has been on connecting visitors with New Zealand’s Wine Industry online, the website now viewable across all digital devices & platforms.

The Directory is constantly growing in both content with 4,000+ categorized NZ Wine links in the directory & news blog content. Visitor traffic now averages 90,000+ page-impressions & click through rates averaging 1,700+ each calendar month.

We have invested a lot of time in Search Engine Optimization and Google Indexing to maximize the potential number of wine lovers finding & visiting the New Zealand Wine Directory – We also use Social-Media to enhance reaching wine lovers across the digital world: Facebook: 5,300+ Instagram: 2800+ Twitter: 2380+ LinkedIn: 1,500 followers.

‘Partners in Wine’ Advertising Your Brand

Partnerships assist with advertising your wine products and services, on the New Zealand Wine Directory website & across our social media networks.

Partnerships are mutually beneficial, by helping us fund the on-going maintenance and future development of this resource.

We provide the following ‘simple and cost-effective’ advertising for your New Zealand Wine Business, Brand, Service, Product or Event.

Display your Image on the NZ Wine Directory with a direct link to your business website address.

We’ll also post and share articles, press releases, news, events etc. on the NZ Wine News section & social media networks.

Advertisements can be displayed from one to twelve months at a time dependent on your needs / time-frame.

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Download – 2022 Media Kit (.pdf)

For more information & to sign up, contact: John Bartlett

“I look forward to being  ‘Partners in Wine’ with you and sharing more #nzwine love to the world.”

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