Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay’s temperate climate and plentiful sunshine make the region ideal for fruit-growing.

Grape vines were first planted in the Hawke’s Bay in 1851 by Marist missionaries, their legacy is Taradale’s historic Mission Winery.

Hawke’s Bay has since earned itself an international reputation for producing high quality Cabernet & Merlot blends, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and an impressive array of aromatic white wines.

The warm climate and lengthy growing season also allow for the successful production of dessert wine styles.

A well-established wine tourism trail offers a wide variety of cellar door experiences, regular food and wine festivals, and showcases the region’s art deco architecture (in Napier city) and artisan producers.

New Zealand’s second largest wine region, sunny Hawke’s Bay has been an abundant source of fine wine since 1851.

Source: New Zealand Winegrowers – nzwine.com

Wineries and Vineyards of the Hawke’s Bay Region

1/4 Acre Wines – http://www.rmwines.co.nz/#1-4-acre-wines

39 Below Wines – https://www.39belowwines.com/

Abbey Cellars – http://www.abbeycellars.com/

AC Wine – https://acwine.co.nz/

Akarangi Wines – https://www.akarangi.co.nz/

Alchemy Wines – https://www.alchemywines.co.nz/

Alluviale – http://www.alluviale.com/

Alpha Domus – http://www.alphadomus.co.nz/

Amoise Wines – https://www.amoisewines.co.nz/

Ash Ridge Vineyards – http://www.ashridgewines.co.nz/

Askerne Estate Winery – http://www.askerne.co.nz/

Beach House Wines – http://www.beachhouse.co.nz/

Bearsley Wines – http://www.bearsleywines.co.nz/

Big & Small – https://www.facebook.com/pg/bigandsmallwine/

Big Bunch Wines – http://bigbunchwines.co.nz/

Bilancia – http://www.bilancia.co.nz/

Black Barn – http://www.blackbarn.com/

Blake Family Vineyard – http://www.bfvwine.com/

Bostock Wines – https://bostockwines.nz/

Bridge Pa Triangle – https://www.bridgepatriangle.nz/

Brookfields Vineyards – http://www.brookfieldsvineyards.co.nz/

Church Road Winery – http://www.churchroad.co.nz/

Clearview Estate Winery – http://www.clearviewestate.co.nz/

Collaboration Wines – http://www.collaborationwines.co.nz

Crab Farm – http://www.crabfarmwinery.co.nz

Craggy Range – http://www.craggyrange.com/

Crossroads – http://www.crossroadswines.co.nz/

de la Terre – http://delaterre.co.nz/

Decibel Wines – http://www.decibelwines.com/

Double by Single Wine – https://doublebysinglewine.nz/

Easthope Winegrowers – http://www.easthope.co.nz/

Element Wines – https://www.elementwines.co.nz/home

Elephant Hill – http://www.elephanthill.co.nz/

Esk Valley Estate Winery – http://www.eskvalley.co.nz/

Gimblett Gravels – http://gimblettgravels.com/

Greyrock – http://www.greyrock.co.nz/

Gunn Estate Winery – http://www.gunnestate.co.nz/

Hancock and Sons – http://hancockandsons.co.nz/

Hawkes Ridge Wine Estate – http://www.hawkesridge.co.nz/

Helio Wine – https://www.helio.wine/

Herringbone Wine – https://www.herringbonewine.co.nz/

Hopes Grove – http://www.hopesgrove.co.nz/

Junction Wines – http://www.junctionwines.co.nz/

Ka Tahi Wines – http://www.katahiwines.com/

Kate Bradburnd Wines – https://radburndcellars.co.nz/

Kingsley Estate – http://www.kingsley.co.nz/

Kokako Farms – https://kokakofarms.co.nz/

Lime Rock Wines – http://www.limerock.co.nz/

Linden Estate Winery – http://www.lindenestatewinery.co.nz/

Longridge Wines – http://www.longridge.co.nz/

Maimai Creek – http://www.maimaicreek.co.nz/

Maison Noir – http://www.maisonnoire.nz/

Mangaorapa Estate – http://www.mangaorapa.co.nz

Mills Reef Winery – http://www.millsreef.co.nz/

Mission Estate Winery – http://www.missionestate.co.nz/

Moana Park – http://www.moanapark.co.nz

Monowai Estate – http://www.monowai.co.nz/

Ngatarawa Wines – http://www.ngatarawa.co.nz/

Organised Chaos – https://www.organisedchaos.co.nz/

Osawa Wines – http://www.osawawines.co.nz/

Paritua Vineyards – http://paritua.com/

Pask Winery – http://www.pask.co.nz/

Petane Wines – https://petanestation.co.nz/

Pukeora Estate – http://www.pukeora.com/

Redmetal Vineyards – http://www.redmetalvineyards.co.nz

Riverside Wines – http://www.riversidewines.co.nz/

Rod McDonald Wines – http://www.rmwines.co.nz/

Sacred Hill Winery – http://www.sacredhill.co.nz/

Saorsa Wines – https://saorsawines.co.nz/

Sileni Estates – http://www.sileni.co.nz/

Silverton Estate – https://www.silvertonestate.com/

Smith & Sheth – https://smithandsheth.com/

Squawking Magpie – http://www.squawkingmagpie.co.nz/

Stonecroft – http://www.stonecroft.co.nz

Supernatural Wine Co. – http://www.supernaturalwine.com/

Swift Wines – https://www.swiftwines.co.nz/

Te Awa Estates – http://www.teawa.com/

Te Awanga Estate – http://teawangaestate.net.nz/

Te Mata Estate Winery – http://www.temata.co.nz

Terrace View Wines – http://terraceviewwines.com/

The Old Church – http://www.theoldchurch.co.nz/

Three Fates Wine – https://threefateswine.com/

Tiki Wine – https://tikiwine.com/

Tironui Estate – http://www.tironuiestate.com

Tony Bish Wines – http://www.tonybishwines.co.nz/

Trinity Hill – http://www.trinityhill.co.nz

Tuki Vineyard – http://www.tuki.co.nz/

Tukipo River Estate – www.tukiporiverestate.co.nz

Two Terraces – http://www.twoterraces.nz/

Unison Vineyard – http://www.unisonvineyard.co.nz/

Vidal Estate – http://www.vidal.co.nz/

Villa Maria – http://www.villamaria.co.nz

Village Vineyards – https://www.villagevineyards.co.nz/

Waiana Estate – http://indian-summer.co.nz/waiana-estate-2/

Wairiki Wines – https://wairiki.co.nz/

White Cliff Wines – http://whitecliffwines.com/

Wild Rock Wine Company – http://www.wildrockwine.co.nz/

Zaria Wines – http://zaria.co.nz/

Zepelin Wines – http://www.zepelin.co.nz/

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