Central Otago

Soaring snow-capped mountains and glistening rivers nestled deep within ravines (gold rush territory in the 1800s) draw visitors from far and wide – this is Central Otago.

All of the main Central Otago wine-growing sub-regions lie within close reach, with the distinctive mountainous terrain providing each with a unique climate, aspect and altitude. Pinot Noir flourishes in the Central Otago, with a variety of stunning expressions being crafted in the numerous sub-regions. The region is also renowned for producing excellent aromatics, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Historically noted as ‘pre-eminently suitable’ for winemaking (Bragato, 1895), the region’s first Gold Medal was for ‘Burgundy’ in Sydney in 1881. Stonefruit prevailed until a resurgence in the 1950s, followed by a significant commitment by the 1970s wine-growing pioneers, enduring today in names such as Chard Farm, Rippon, Black Ridge and Gibbston Valley.

Central Otago is a tourism stronghold, captivating visitors with a wide range of excellent cellar door facilities and wine-tourism activities. The extreme climate rewards careful site selection with wines of great intensity and finesse, and encourages an increased focus on sub-regional expression.

Source: New Zealand Winegrowers – nzwine.com

Wineries and Vineyards of Central Otago


36 Bottles – http://www.36bottles.co.nz/

7th Heaven – https://suncrestorchard.co.nz/7thheaven-central-otago-wine-port/

Aitken’s Folly – https://aitkensfolly.com/

Akarua – http://www.akarua.co.nz/

Akitu – https://akitu.wine/

Alpine Wine Co – https://alpinewine.co.nz/

Amisfield Wine Company – http://www.amisfield.co.nz/

Ariosa Wines – https://ariosa.nz/

Ata Mara – http://www.atamara.com/

Auburn Wines – http://www.auburnwines.com/

Ayrburn – https://ayrburn.com/

Aurora Vineyard – http://www.auroravineyard.com/


Bald Hills Wines – http://www.baldhills.co.nz

Bannock Brae Estate – http://www.bannockbrae.co.nz/

Barrel Fence Cellars – http://www.barrelfencecellars.com/

Barrington Wine – http://www.barringtonwine.co.nz/

Black Grape Society – http://www.blackgrapesociety.com/

Black Peak Wines – http://www.blackpeakwines.co.nz/

Black Quail Estate – http://www.blackquail.co.nz/

Brennan Wines – http://www.brennanwines.com/

Burn Cottage Vineyard – http://www.burncottage.com/


Calvert Vineyard – https://www.calvertvineyard.co.nz/

Carrick Estate – http://www.carrick.co.nz/

Charcoal Gully Estate – http://www.charcoalgully.co.nz/

Chard Farm – http://www.chardfarm.co.nz/

Charteris Wines – http://www.charteriswines.com/

Chatto Creek Wines – https://chattocreekwines.co.nz/

Clyde Village Wines – http://www.clydevillage.co.nz/

Coal Pit Vineyard – http://www.coalpitwine.com/

Como Villa – http://www.comovilla.co.nz/

Cornish Point – http://www.feltonroad.com/

Coxs’ Vineyard – https://www.coxsvineyard.co.nz/


DC / Tannacrieff Wines – https://www.tannacrieff.co.nz/

Desert Heart – http://www.desertheart.co.nz/

Dicey – https://www.dicey.nz/

Doctors Flat Vineyard – https://www.doctorsflat.co.nz/

Domain Road Vineyard –  http://www.domainroad.co.nz/

Domain Thomson – http://www.domainethomsonwines.com/

Domaine Rewa – http://www.domainerewa.com/

Dunstan Road Wines – http://www.dunstanroadwines.co.nz/


Eight Ranges Wines – https://eightranges.co.nz/

Ellero Wine – http://www.ellerowine.com

Eon of Bendigo – http://www.eonwines.co.nz/


Felton Road Wines – http://www.feltonroad.com/

Folding Hill Wine Company – https://www.foldinghill.co.nz/


Gate 20 Two – http://www.gate20two.co.nz

Gibbston Valley Wines – https://www.gibbstonvalley.com/

Grasshopper Rock – http://www.grasshopperrock.co.nz/

Grey Ridge – http://greyridge.co.nz/


Hawkdun Rise – http://www.vineyardstay.co.nz/

Hawkshead Wine – http://www.hawksheadwine.com/

Hinton Estate – http://hinton.co.nz/

High Garden Vineyard – http://www.highgardenvineyard.com/


Judge Rock – https://judgerock.co.nz/


Lamont Wines – http://www.lamontwines.com/

Lateral Wines – https://www.instagram.com/lateralwines/

Legacy Vineyard – http://www.legacyvineyard.co.nz/

Lindis River Wines – http://www.lindisriver.co.nz/

Lismore Wines – http://www.lismorewines.co.nz/

Lowburn Ferry – http://www.lowburnferry.co.nz/


Maori Point Vineyards – http://www.maoripoint.co.nz/

Matt Connell Wines – https://mattconnellwines.com/

Maude Wines – http://www.maudewines.com/

McArthur Ridge – http://www.mcarthurridge.com/

Misha’s Vineyard – http://www.mishasvineyard.com/

Moko Hills – https://mokohills.co.nz/

Mondillo Vineyards – http://www.mondillo.com/

Monte Christo Winery – https://montechristowinery.co.nz/ Coming Soon!

Mora Wines – https://mora.co.nz/

Mount Dunstan Estate – http://mountdunstan.com/

Mount Edward – http://www.mountedward.com/

Mount Maude – http://www.maudewines.com/

Mount Michael Wines – http://www.mountmichaelwines.com

Mount Rosa – http://www.mtrosa.co.nz/

Mt Difficulty Wines – http://www.mtdifficulty.nz/


Nanny Goat Vineyard – http://www.nannygoatvineyard.co.nz/

Neck of the Woods Wines – https://neckofthewoodswines.co.nz/

Nevis Bluff – http://www.nevisbluff.co.nz/

Nockie’s Palette – https://www.nockiespalette.com/

Northburn Station – http://www.northburn.co.nz/


O Naturel Wines – https://www.onaturel.co.nz/


Paddons Paddock – https://paddonspaddock.co.nz/

Penkridge Farm – https://penkridgefarm.co.nz/

Peregrine Wines – http://www.peregrinewines.co.nz/

Perseverance Estate – https://www.perseverance.co.nz/

Pisa Range Estate – http://www.pisarangeestate.co.nz/

Point Bush Estates – http://www.pointbush.co.nz/

Prophets Rock Vineyard – http://www.prophetsrock.co.nz/

Providore Wines – https://providorewines.com/

Putangi Wines – https://putangiwines.co.nz/


Quartz Reef – http://www.quartzreef.co.nz/


Rabbit Ranch – http://www.rabbitranch.co.nz/

Remarkable Wines – http://www.remarkablewines.co.nz

Richardson Wines – http://www.richardsonwines.co.nz/

Rippon Vineyard – http://www.rippon.co.nz/

River Rock Estate – https://www.riverrockestate.com/

Rockburn Wines – http://www.rockburn.co.nz/

Rose Creek Farm – https://www.rosecreekfarm.nz/

Ruru Wines – https://ruruwines.co.nz/


Shaky Bridge Wines – http://www.shakybridge.co.nz/

South River Wines – https://southriver.co.nz/

Spencer Block Wines – https://spencerblockwines.co.nz/

Stewart Town Vineyard – https://stewarttownvineyard.co.nz/

Still Point Wines – https://www.stillpointwines.co.nz/

Surveyor Thomson – http://www.surveyorthomson.co.nz/

Swallows Crossing – http://www.swallowscrossing.co.nz/


Tannacrieff Boutique Wines & Ports – https://www.tannacrieff.co.nz/

Tankersley Estate – https://www.tankersleyestate.co.nz/

Tarras Vineyards – http://www.tarrasvineyards.com/

Te Amo Wines – https://www.facebook.com/TeAmoWines/

Te Kano Estate – http://www.tekanoestate.com/

Terra Sancta – http://terrasancta.co.nz/

The Aurora Vineyard – http://www.auroravineyard.com/

The Lost Rabbit – https://thelostrabbit.co.nz/

The Wine House and Kitchen – http://www.winehouse.co.nz/

Three Miners Vineyard – http://www.threeminers.com/

Thyme Hill – http://www.thymehill.co.nz/

Tiki Wine – https://tikiwine.com/

Torr Estate – http://www.torr.co.nz

Two Degrees – http://www.twodegrees.co.nz/

Two Paddocks – http://www.twopaddocks.com/

Two Sisters Vineyard – http://www.twosisters.co.nz/


Valli Vineyards – http://www.valliwine.com/

van Asch Wines – http://www.vanaschwines.com/

Vela Wines – http://www.velawines.com/

Vinpro – http://www.vinpro.co.nz/


Waitiri Creek Wines – https://www.waitiricreekwines.co.nz/

Wakefield Wines – https://www.wakefieldwinesnz.com/

Weekend Wines – https://weekendwines.co.nz/

Welcome Swallow Wines – https://www.welcomeswallowwines.com/

Weston Winery – http://www.westonwinery.50webs.com/

Wet Jacket – http://www.wetjacket.nz/

Wild Earth – http://www.wildearthwines.co.nz/

Wild Irishman Wines – https://kinross.nz/collections/wild-irishman

Wooing Tree – http://www.wooingtree.co.nz/

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