Introducing the next generation at Forrest Wines

Doctors’ John and Brigid Forrest are excited to welcome home to Forrest Wines their daughter Beth. John says that “for Brigid and I this is a significant step in safe guarding the future of our family business. All 3 of our children have grown up here at Forrest; they have been a part of numerous harvests, worked in the vines and more importantly understood the manic hours their parents worked”.

Beth will join John and Dave Knappstein as winemakers for Forrest. Beth says that “I am here to learn as much as I can from John and Dave; to take all their knowledge and add some of my own experience and continue to create great quality wines made with passion. I am hoping neither of them are about to go anywhere.”

After a number of years travelling the world, Beth returned home to Marlborough in 2013 to spend some more time developing her local knowledge and experience. Prior to this, Beth chased vintages around the world – working in Italy, Spain, America, Australia and the UK to mention but some. Beth brings with her a wealth of knowledge, vibrancy, youth and an infectious passion for winemaking.

Beth, as with John and Brigid was educated at Otago University where she gained a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Physical Geography and Microbiology before heading to Adelaide University where she obtained their prestigious Masters in Oenology.

Beth has been tasked with the challenge of continuing the innovative, cutting edge and the sometimes mad scientist theories that have made Forrest what it is today. For Brigid she said “it is humbling for John and I to see the pride and passion that all our children have for the business”.

Beth is a bit coyer on what her homecoming means; “I want to respect the business we have developed and the passion and knowledge that is already a part of Forrest’s ethos; building on that and developing a company that is even stronger and in tune than when I was allowed to be a part of it.”

“I want to add some new life and modernity to Forrest but not lose the belief, ingenuity, passion and feeling that is Forrest Wines.”

For further information please contact: Samantha Forrest on 027 9029328

Forrest Wines is a family owned business, unique in owning land in 4 of the great terroirs of New Zealand; Marlborough, Gimblett Gravels, Hawke’s Bay, Waitaki Valley, North Otago and Bannockburn, Central Otago.

Drs John and Brigid Forrest established the winery in 1988 and remain hands on in all aspects of the family wine business.

Forrest Wines is home of The Doctors. The Doctors’ range focuses on Innovation and Excellence within winemaking and viticulture.

Forrest Wines produce wines under the brands; Forrest, The Doctors’, John Forrest Collection, Newton Forrest and TattyBogler.

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