Once Forbidden, Now Simply Irresistible – Babich Wines Release Forbidden Vines

Forbidden Vines is a premium New Zealand wine created by Babich Wines, New Zealand’s most experienced family owned winery. The first releases in this range are a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, ‘The Queen of Hearts’ and a Marlborough Pinot Noir Rose, ‘The Weeping Rose’. Both promise an indulgent pleasure, with a tickle of rebellion! This range was created for a predominately female audience with distinct ‘WOW’ factor. It has disruptive packaging and a price point to please. Perfect for everyday drinking.

David Babich, Chief Executive Officer says “Launching Forbidden Vines will enable us to open new sales channels and appeal to new audiences whilst ensuring that we don’t de-value our Babich Classics range or the broader Babich brand. With this product, we decided to challenge tradition and break the wine label mold through the use of funky, innovative design. We believe the wine in the pack over delivers on the price point, punching above its weight. Forbidden Vines is very different for our family brand, it’s not the modern classic.”

Forbidden Vines will have broad appeal, targeting Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc drinkers in New Zealand and global markets. It is cool, trendy, fashionable and chic with great shelf pop. Naughty and nice. Forbidden Vines plays to this attitude of indulgent pleasure. Made without consideration of consequence and a tickle of rebellion. It’s sure to seduce!


More information on the Babich story:

Babich Wines is New Zealand’s most experienced family owned winery. They have been proud producers of fine New Zealand wines since 1916, when Croatian immigrant Josip Babich produced his first vintage. Over a century on, the family business has three generations of winemaking experience behind it, 13 vineyards in New Zealand’s finest wine regions, and a passion for winemaking as a way of life. They are a global export business (currently exporting to over 50 countries world-wide) but have never lost sight of the importance of family, farming and the winemaker’s craft. They make wines that are worth drinking; wines to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

The story began more than 100 years ago when Josip Babich (founder) left his Mum and Dad in Croatia at the young age of 14 (with no money, not a word of English) and journeyed to New Zealand with his older brother in the hope of a better life. He never saw his parents again. Josip joined his three older brothers who were earning a living digging and selling kauri gum in New Zealand’s far north. In 1911 the Babich Brothers put a deposit on their vineyard in Henderson Valley, Auckland, producing the first wine in 1916 in Northland. In the earliest days, when Josip (founder) was making wine in the gum fields, one of his first big sales was 12 bottles for a wedding. This was a huge milestone. Josip delivered it himself, riding 40 miles on horseback with six bottles slung over each side. Another milestone and a highlight of Josip’s winemaking career was the first export in 1980. At the age of 84 he watched a container of wine going back to the old world (where he had come from) with a tear in his eye. He died 3 years later. Today, 90% of their wine is exported.

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