Wairarapa & Waiheke Regions Announce ‘Wai Wine Weekend’

Wai Wine Weekend is a collaboration from two of the top Island’s small, but mighty wine regions. The Wairarapa and Waiheke Island.

Get ready for an exhilarating fusion of flavours as Wairarapa Wine Region and Waiheke Island of Wine team up on Saturday September 30. This isn’t your usual weekend of wine tasting, it’s a journey that will ignite taste buds and expand horizons.

Wairarapa Waiheke Wai Weekend

Imagine; two powerhouse regions of quality from two of the top Island’s wine regions, each contributing to just 1% to New Zealand’s wine production, yet radiating with excellence. Wairarapa boasts the cooler Northern European varieties, while Waiheke Island offers the Southern European varieties. It’s a symphony of flavours.

It’s not all about the wine; become acquainted with the soul of these regions. Wairarapa and Waiheke share a passion for wine, serious about their craft, yet always with a friendly smile and engaging tales of triumphs and turmoils.

Mark your calendar for an adventurous day of fine wine. Martinborough’s cellar doors will pair with Waiheke Island’s Casita Miro, Te Motu, Passage Rock, Woodside Hill, Obsidian and possibly more. A day to dance with our two regions flavours, a collaborative celebration that will transport you.

And there’s more – a thrilling blind tasting showdown. Winemakers from both regions, united in pursuit of excellence, sipping each other’s creations incognito. The challenge? To crown the best from the other side. A friendly battle, a clash of palates revealing each region’s essence.

The finale – a communal dinner at Mesita in Martinborough. The victors will be revealed and the celebration reaches its crescendo. Wine flows, delights amaze and connections form.

The stage is set for Wairarapa to visit Waiheke Island of Wine in 2024, a bond beyond geography where New Zealand’s Wine Village and Wine island are on show. Get ready to sip, swirl, and savour. Wairarapa and Waiheke call – will you answer?


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