2014 – Good Year for NZ Wine Directory

New Zealand is a land like no other – New Zealand wine is an experience like no other.

We are proud to be supporting the New Zealand Wine Industry and all related businesses and will continue to do so throughout 2015 and on into the future… To look forward you need to occasionally look back and see how far you’ve come so here goes…

Since relaunching in September 2011, The New Zealand Wine Directory has been steadily growing into one of the most visited wine websites in NZ. At the end of 2014 we have now had 3.9 Million Page Views and 9.5 Million Hits on the website since relaunching.

2014 has been our busiest year to date with traffic and visits increasing exponentially. Here are a few success indicators during 2014 in reaching out to the world sharing the love of #NZWINE…

We have assisted a number of NZWINE businesses with promotion and advertising of their products, services, wine events and more to our visitors over the last few years, so a huge VOTE OF THANKS goes out to you all – without your support we would not be able to do what we do… Proud to be working for you / with you.


We have over 1,200 links on the website now and constantly strive to keep this current – as you can imagine there’s lots of change in the Industry so it’s challenging.

We are excited by the exponential growth and reach of the directory.

2014 YEAR TOTAL (Monthly Average)

VISITORS – 79,110 (6,593)
VISITS – 166,251 (13,854)

PAGES Viewed – 494,353 (41,196)
Pages NV* – 688,558 (57,380)

HITS Viewed – 2,230,542 (185,879)
Hits NV* – 940,950 (78,413)

* NV = Not viewed traffic includes traffic generated by search engines indexing the site, robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes. All data from server hosted Advanced Web Statistics 7.3 (build 20140126)

We share #NZWINE news, events, wine reviews, press releases, industry updates and more on our blog several times each month. Keep it coming!

We have over 2,100 Facebook Fans to whom we post and share #nzwine related news,   articles, Facebook posts and other information from around the world.

We have over 3,100 followers, are following 1,920 wine folk and have shared 15,600 tweets about #NZWINE related news, events, re-tweets etc.

And now we have an Instagram Account to share pics of NZWINE stuff too…

We are looking forward to what 2015 will bring and how we can extend our services to the New Zealand Wine Industry and the 1000’s of wine folk around the world who use the NZ Wine Directory as their connection to New Zealand’s Wine online.

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