27Seconds Donate Further $22,000 to Charity

27Seconds is one of our sponsored social enterprises, to which we provide a free “Partners in Wine” subscription each year.

It’s our way of giving a little something back to help the cause that Pete, Alanna & the 27Seconds team so willingly donate their time, effort and profits back to Hagar where 100% of their profits go towards ending modern day slavery…

I received this wonderful news today and want to share it with you all.

Do get on board and support them. Cheers, JB

27Seconds 100% of our profits go towards ending modern day slavery

Hi Folks,

We have some exciting news. Today we made a donation of $22,000 to our partners, bringing our giving total to $47,000.00.

We that know for some that might seem like small change but for us, it’s BIG. Here’s why:

1. At our stage of life we could never dream of making a donation that size from our personal bank account. So starting a business that can is wonderful!

2. We’ve just turned three. 60% of start ups fail in the first three years. On average it takes three years to become profitable. So to be in a position of making profits is a big win. 

3. BUT perhaps even more so, we’re giving in a year, where giving to charities has decreased. In fact, the project we’re donating to is one where a previous donor pulled out. 

BUT this isn’t about us giving a donation. The truth is – if you didn’t buy our wine, there would be NOTHING to give away. It’s only because people like yourselves buy it – that we can give away our profits.

We have dreams of giving much, much, more over the following years. Our hope is that our $47,000.00 will pale in comparison to what we can fund together in the future.

At this moment in time – we want to pause and say thank you for getting us over that three-year threshold. Thank you for partnering with us and seeing your wine choice as a vehicle to help survivors of slavery. Thanks for helping us make a donation.

This year, the major project you will be supporting is Hagar’s North West Project in Battambang, Cambodia. Here, survivors will get access to total recovery services that help with education, health, counseling, finances and so much more. Community outreach and education campaigns are also run to try and reduce the prevalence of trafficking in the area.

Y’all rock!

Love, Alanna & Pete & the 27seconds team.

Here’s the link to their website if you do want to get some wine or gifts.


PS.  The couriers and our wee warehouse are getting rather busy and we can’t see it easing in the next couple of weeks. If you do plan to buy wine before Christmas, please place your order earlier rather than later to avoid disappointment. Please allow another 1-2 working days for Christmas courier delays.


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