Entries for 2020 NZ Organic Wine Awards Open. 

Welcome to the seventh annual (2020) NZ Organic Wine Awards. 

Entries for the 2020 NZ Organic Wine Awards are now open. 

From Luke Thomas, NZ Organic Wine Awards founder and curator.

The Organic wine movement in New Zealand appears to be going from strength to strength. With the certification agencies experiencing a spike in interest from new wineries/vineyards interested in conversion.


The excitement was evident at the Organic Wine Conference held by OWNZ. Thank you to all those who attended my talk.

You will notice some new data fields on the entry form this year, namely a field for winemaker, vine age and cases produced, as well as whether the wine is available to purchase in NZ or not.

We hope the addition of these optional fields will help us collect more data to help further identify useful trends that we can share with our community to help accelerate the growth of Organic Wine production and sales in NZ and internationally. 

We were surprised to learn from the results of our feedback that the majority (62%) of our participants to not partake in any other wine shows or competitions. It’s an honour that so many wineries have recognized our efforts and chosen to partake. 

The 2020 Awards are now open for entry, the closing date for entries to be submitted and samples received is the 24th March 2020.  Results will be published, and subsequent media will be available on the 4th May.

As always we do not charge an entry or administration fee, awards media will be provided free of charge, and we will arrange for a group buy medal sticker price with no mark-up.

All part of our commitment to help grow the NZ Organic wine industry.

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