Giesen Releases Zero Alcohol Merlot and Riesling

No wine drinker left behind, Giesen releases 0% alcohol Red wine and Riesling  

Giesen is extending their 0% alcohol range with the addition of a 0% Merlot, New Zealand’s first 0% Red wine and 0% alcohol Riesling, another New Zealand first. These will be available to purchase from March 28th

This extension comes after the great success of the world’s first alcohol-removed New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc by Giesen, following with Pinot Gris and Rosé shortly after.  

Giesen Zero Alcohol Wines

Giesen Group Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler says it’s amazing to be creating first’s yet again for the 0% alcohol wine movement.  

“There was overwhelming customer feedback via our social media channels for a 0% alcohol Red and Riesling. The consumer demand was high, so it was important for us to listen and create what our customers want: premium, low calorie, 0% alcohol Red and Riesling wines.” 

“Our Giesen 0% alcohol Merlot has 70% fewer calories than regular 12.5% alcohol/volume wine and our Giesen 0% Riesling has 70% less calories than our Giesen Estate Riesling 10.5% alc/vol, however, we didn’t compromise on taste.”

Giesen initially launched the 0% Merlot in Australia in early February and have had great interest from Australian customers. 

Giesen 0% alcohol Merlot is made from fruit sourced from vineyards in Hawke’s Bay, a premium Bordeaux variety grape growing region.? 

“The Merlot is a delicious red wine with all the flavour and structure you’d expect from a Merlot, but without the alcohol.?Dry in style, but still with bright varietal characters. We’ve worked hard on the flavour profile of this new release to preserve the tannins and structure. This makes the 0% Merlot a great choice for red meats and tapas, says Shouler.”  

The Riesling is Shoulers’ personal favourite from the Giesen 0% range.  

“The palate is light, lively and refreshing, with zingy lime, ripe mandarin and delicious sweetness balanced by crisp acidity paired best with fresh fruit salad, or citrus ceviche with avocado.” 

“The fruit is sourced from Marlborough and Waipara with Marlborough bringing the citrus flavour and Waipara the florals.” 

Shouler believes Giesen 0% Riesling is the closest version to its full strength counterpart of New Zealand’s beloved Giesen Riesling.

Giesen Estate Riesling is New Zealand’s #1 Riesling in grocery stores with one in every 3 bottles of Riesling sold through New Zealand supermarkets is Giesen Estate Riesling.

Giesen is bringing 40 years of quality and expertise to the creation of their 0% range and has become a leader in the low or no alcohol market.

In 2021, Giesen invested over a million dollars into spinning cone technology to gently remove the alcohol from some of its most popular wines. The machine is now working 24/7 to keep up with demand.?

Giesen felt it was important to own their own technology. It ensures they are continually improving our 0% wines with every blend, committed to their pursuit to make premium low calorie 0% alcohol wine.

It’s clear the low and no alcohol movement is not slowing down with global markets reaching almost $10 billion US in value.*  

The emergence of the ‘sober curious’ consumer will contribute to total volume sales of no/low alcohol products increasing globally by 31% by 2024.* 

Giesen has seen these statistics echoed in their sales. The Giesen 0% range has been a popular choice for consumers over the summer, with many of their 0% range selling out across New Zealand, Australia and the United States. 

At launch, Giesen 0% Riesling and 0% Merlot can be found in most New World and PaknSave supermarkets and other leading retailers nationwide. RRP $17.99.

More information about the non-alcohol category and process of making the Giesen 0% wines can be found at:

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