Glengarry Wines opens Digital Platform to NZ Wineries & Breweries

New Zealand’s winemakers and brewers from big to small will now be able to supply direct to customers through a locally-owned platform.

New Zealand’s oldest independent wine retailers, Glengarry Wines are a family-owned company established in 1945. As an independent, Kiwi born and bred enterprise, we have always championed the small guys and brought the rarer, more eclectic wines to our customers.

We are delighted to be still operating from a position of strength in what is an increasingly hectic and crowded market, flooded now with a number of operators from outside our borders. The same can’t be said for all parts of the wine industry, given there are now more wineries out there than shelf-space in our stores.

Yes, we could build bigger stores, but the dollars around real estate are more and more prohibitive, the wineries more and more numerous.


The New Zealand wine industry is a diverse and colourful beast, year by year growing in stature. It has attracted much international investment, into the wineries themselves, retail outlets, grocery chains and online operations. Like we said, a crowded (and frequently offshore) market.

While there’s nothing wrong with this in general terms, it has become increasingly difficult for small New Zealand wineries, (brewers and distillers, too) to fight their way through these often big and bolshie networks and in front of the consumers.

You might also consider that as in other areas, internationally-based control can mean the profits are channelled out of our country rather than into the local economy.

With that in mind, we decided to be proactive and have opened up the doors to our website to wineries, brewers and distillers outside our normal network. They are now able to deliver directly to you via the Glengarry digital platform. We don’t want to build a wall; we’re breaking one down.

It’s a winning arrangement: when you order this way, you’ll have the customer service and care you normally do through Glengarry, as we take charge of that for each winery. You’ll be delivered the wine direct from the winery, utilising Glengarry’s extensive logistics experience and capability.

Though not coming directly from Glengarry, the goods will be able to be tracked and traced via the Glengarry website, and our Call Centre will know all about them. So we’re talking convenience and ease of mind.

So where’s the downside? There isn’t one. Glengarry have created the ultimate in online retailing sites via a hub that brings the disparate parts of our local industry together. Boutique operations that previously struggled to get to you will now have a vehicle, all gassed up and ready to go.

There are no listing fees for suppliers, no hefty sums to be added – it’s about taking down barriers and ensuring that New Zealand’s excellent, but often unheralded wineries have a local and supportive route to the market.

See? Not hard at all.

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