Grape Based Strange Nature Gin Launched

Kiwi ingenuity delivers an inventive spin on traditional gin 

A new grape-based gin handcrafted from the alcohol removed from Giesen Wine’s 0% New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wine has launched this week. Double distilled, Strange Nature Gin bears all the world-famous flavours of its New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc origins.

Strange Nature Gin Bottle Shot

While most gins boast about their botanicals, Strange Nature is all about its unique base spirit and genuine provenance. Rather than adding botanicals, Strange Nature goes against the grain by using the grapes grown in Giesen Wines Marlborough vineyards to create a very unique New Zealand flavour.

Strange Nature Distilling and Giesen Group General Manager Kyle Skene says he knew he was onto something special when he first tried the pure Sauvignon Blanc alcohol.

Knowing it would make the perfect gin, Skene spent the subsequent 18 months trialling and refining Strange Nature.

Strange Nature Distilling and Giesen Group General Manager Kyle Skene
Giesen Group General Manager Kyle Skene

“Gins are usually created with an array of botanicals, but after trialling all sorts of different combinations, we realised we only needed to add one – juniper. The Sauvignon Blanc spirit tastes so extraordinary we didn’t want to disguise it.”

Skene says Strange Nature, which is bottled by hand, has a provenance that other gins don’t have.

“We know where everything comes from, meaning we can take you directly to the vines where the grapes that fermented into this spirit were grown.” 

Every detail of the operation has been carefully considered, right down to the bottle with Skene visiting salvage yards and pouring over heritage glass to find the look and colour he wanted for the bespoke bottle.

“We see a massive opportunity for New Zealand in this spirit – our Sauvignon Blanc wine is famous worldwide and here is a gin with the same characteristics. Perhaps this Sauvignon Blanc gin can become as famous as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc itself.”

Aromatic and fruity, it’s tropical, zesty, and herbaceous. The first batch is now available online via The Gin Club, and at select retailers and on-premise outlets.

Read more or shop online here: Strange Nature Gin RRP: $89.99

Strange Nature Gin Website

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