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How New-Zealand based Website Social Vignerons received 2015 Best New Wine Blog Award.

Guest Article by Julien Miquel, Founder of

Making an impact with a wine website on the international stage while based in New Zealand is a complicated exercise.

Julien Miquel

Beyond the immaculate beauty of the islands, the country is now also somewhat famous for the abundance of flavoursome Sauvignon Blanc it delivers, and Aotearoa’s Pinot Noir is getting more and more recognition abroad.

But interest from the international masses for Kiwi wines remains quite marginal. Most wine drinkers in the world are simply unaware of the variety and quality of wines New Zealand has to offer.

In addition, European and US wines that attract unanimous international online buzz, remain a bit of a scarcity here. Tasting and writing about Bordeaux, Burgundy, or California wines for example from NZ is nearly impossible.

But Social Media is now changing the international wine landscape. Everyone has a voice and a chance nowadays. Quality content gets noticed wherever it comes from.

After engaging with social media wine communities on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, I realized how immense the passion for wine is, all around the world. There’s an astonishing energy and passion for our favourite beverage being shared 24/7.

Wine information, humour, or news travel around the world at the speed of light, relayed over and over by clicks on sharing buttons. Reassuringly, the secret to online success now lies in sincerity and quality of content.

To be part of this value-sharing world, I launched the Social Vignerons blog from my little study room in Auckland at the end of 2014. The website was designed to link up wine professionals with wine drinkers through the web, but also a large social media worldwide follower base.

Take the passion and knowledge from all of us that work and live with wine, to deliver it to all of those who enjoy a quality sip. A web-based “The World of Wine’s Got Talent”.

Social Vignerons provides fun and informative original content like infographics, interviews, New Zealand and international wine ratings/reviews. It also welcomes contributors and guests willing to share their true value-providing stories.

Wine producers, region bodies, accessory manufacturers, book writers, or event organisers have all added their brick to the building and contributed to the success of the blog.

Mid-2015, was voted 2015 Best New Wine Blog by the Wine Bloggers Awards, the first non-US-based website to receive this award.

May the story continue, and grow… for wine and for New Zealand.


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