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We’d like to welcome Joelle Thomson, a very well respected Wine Writer, Editor, Author and Educator, as the latest sponsor to partner with us in developing the New Zealand Wine Directory.

Great to have you with us Joelle – we have always appreciated your contribution to the New Zealand Wine industry and enjoyed your wine reviews and excellent articles.

About Joelle

Joelle Thomson was bitten by the big buttery chardonnay bug at Aro Street Café in the late 1980s and has never looked back. She wrote her first wine column for Capital Times newspaper in 1994 and has since written 16 books and weekly wine columns for all of New Zealand’s largest daily newspapers.

She now comments on wine for RNZ National, loves Wellington’s hill walks and runs around the harbor, and teaches Wine 101 at Regional Wines & Spirits and blogs regularly.

Joelle’s blog articles can be found on her website… Here is a sample of one of Joelle’s blog posts – always well written and very informative.

Hawke’s Bay Pinot… By Joelle Thomson

Let’s play a word game: a winemaker says cool climate, active limestone and early ripening black grape variety. You say a black grape that fits the bill, which consumers know, like and want to buy…

If Pinot Noir springs to your lips, Hawke’s Bay probably doesn’t spring to mind because it has historically been considered this country’s most suitable region for mid to late ripening grapes, such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

The region’s winemakers are now keen to add another string to their red winemaking bow and they are increasingly experimenting with Pinot Noir…

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